the second to the last // 2.29.15


how are you? can you believe that this is my 2nd to the last email? that sure went fast. i will hit my 18 months mark this week…and have my birthday. lots of milestones in just a week. i’m sad to think that my mission is coming to a close. it has been such a rewarding, uplifting, refining, defining time of my life. I will always look back on it with fondness and love. the thought of leaving these beautiful people and this wonderful work is what breaks my heart the most. the thought of NOT being a missionary, and not walking around all day in the heat trying to find people to whom we can teach this wonderful message, is what makes my heart really sad. i love this gospel and i love being let loose in the streets of the philippines to find anyone and everyone who will listen to this message that will surely change their entire life, and allow them to have eternal life! i will miss this!
ok. i so didn’t keep track of what happened this week so let’s see how this goes:
  • awesome: feeling good again! so i’ve still got the weird joint pains like a 98 year old, but now i’m on meds that are helping! so i can work again without being completely miserable and that’s a blessing! 🙂
  • awkward: riding the night bus. on our way home from tacloban last week, the only means of transportation was a sketchy bus! literally felt like i was on the night bus of harry potter! the ride of my life haha
  • we have some really great progressing investigators right now! and less actives returning. and recent converts continuing to be awesome! so that will make leaving even harder as well!
  • umm what else! this week will be busy and will just fly by. tomorrow we leave for tacloban again for MLC. then we have ZTM on friday. its just all to fast. i’m doing my best to soak in every.single.minute. because i know it will never come again!
it is such a wonderful privilege and blessing to serve the Lord. As i look back on how much has changed in the last 18 months, i think that my attitude is what has changed the most. i’m the classic story of the girl who DID NOT want to go on a mission, to now the sister who does NOT want to go home! of course i want to go home. but i also just want to stay here for longer and continue to part of this amazing, marvelous work!
hope my pictures make up for my lack of writing! thank you for all of your love and support of me! even though i haven’t said much in my email, you can know that i will continue to work and serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength until the very end. i love the gospel. i know its true!
sister brereton

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