the very last one // 3.7.16

hey world!

thanks for the love via email! its crazy to think that this is the last time i’ll be emailing from a little sketchy internet shop in the middle of the philippines! wow. time flies. 18 months flies! i have so much to say…but yet so little to say too! its a mix of emotions that i feel about going home! sorry for emailing later today! its been a busy day. just had my exit interview!
  • awesome: all of my luggage being the exact weight 🙂 no luggage fees for this sister!
  • awkward: being hugged and literally kissed goodbye by the ladies at the laundry shop when i picked my laundry for the last time! so funny. they couldn’t believe that i’m taking the clothes that they washed all the way back to america! haha
  • well. i’m just trying to think of what to say! this week was good. we had MLC on tuesday and wednesday in tacloban! then returned home in time for our weekly planning on thursday…in which we didn’t plan…just made sure that our area book is updated and i wrote like a million sticky notes of extra notes to the future sisters bless their hearts for whitewashing our area! i’ve been down that road before so i hope the other notes will make the whitewashing process as stress free as possible! friday was ZTM in which we gave a training that i hope turned out ok. about creating miracles in our mission! hope it was good. then saturday was a normal day of work until we had branch fhe that night which was fun. then sunday was sunday! i bore my testimony but still i don’t feel like i’m going home!
  • thoughts on going home: it doesn’t feel real to me. i feel just like its a normal day, everyday. not that airports, luggage, and flight attendants are all in my future this week. but i feel ok that i’m coming home. i know a lot of missionaries struggle, they don’t want to leave the mission. i love my mission. i loooooooooove it. but i know that its part of the deal, when you go on a mission you have to come home too. so i’m mentally prepared for it! and i’ve had a strong impression that i’ve done exactly what Heavenly Father has needed me to do. so there is a lot of satisfaction in that. if i was asked to stay, i’d stay. but its ok that i’m coming home as well! i will be over the top excited to see all of you! to shower in a real shower! to use a washing machine again (i’m going to need to be trained on that haha), and dishwasher! wow!
  • ummmmm what else……yeah i think i’m just in denial about going home! because i just can’t wrap my mind around it! doesn’t feel real!
  • anyways. sister wilde and sister malu are sitting here waiting for me to finish emailing……
i love this gospel. i love my mission. i love the philippines. i am so grateful that i have had this 18 months to serve! i will be coming home with joints aching with temporary arthritis (that’s the diagnosis by the way), hair half the thickness that it once was, a huge scar on my leg, and my face freaking out. haha. and despite all of the physical hardships (if that’s what you wanna call it.) (and the other hardships too!) i’d do it all again. i’d do it a million times over again. this gospel is that important, that wonderful, that beautiful. i love this work. it has been a privilege to testify of Jesus Christ all the time, in this capacity. i will miss it like crazy!
thank you for your love, support, emails, thoughts, happy vibes, letters, packages, everything this past 18 months! i still can’t believe its over!
i love you so much! see you on Thursday at 5:14pm. when you see an exhausted, haggard looking companion coming down the escalator with Sister Wilde, its me. haha!
love you!
sister brereton
p.s. sorry if i don’t sound excited in this email…i’m so excited! i just still can’t believe its really true!!!! see you soon!!!!!! 🙂

the second to the last // 2.29.15


how are you? can you believe that this is my 2nd to the last email? that sure went fast. i will hit my 18 months mark this week…and have my birthday. lots of milestones in just a week. i’m sad to think that my mission is coming to a close. it has been such a rewarding, uplifting, refining, defining time of my life. I will always look back on it with fondness and love. the thought of leaving these beautiful people and this wonderful work is what breaks my heart the most. the thought of NOT being a missionary, and not walking around all day in the heat trying to find people to whom we can teach this wonderful message, is what makes my heart really sad. i love this gospel and i love being let loose in the streets of the philippines to find anyone and everyone who will listen to this message that will surely change their entire life, and allow them to have eternal life! i will miss this!
ok. i so didn’t keep track of what happened this week so let’s see how this goes:
  • awesome: feeling good again! so i’ve still got the weird joint pains like a 98 year old, but now i’m on meds that are helping! so i can work again without being completely miserable and that’s a blessing! 🙂
  • awkward: riding the night bus. on our way home from tacloban last week, the only means of transportation was a sketchy bus! literally felt like i was on the night bus of harry potter! the ride of my life haha
  • we have some really great progressing investigators right now! and less actives returning. and recent converts continuing to be awesome! so that will make leaving even harder as well!
  • umm what else! this week will be busy and will just fly by. tomorrow we leave for tacloban again for MLC. then we have ZTM on friday. its just all to fast. i’m doing my best to soak in every.single.minute. because i know it will never come again!
it is such a wonderful privilege and blessing to serve the Lord. As i look back on how much has changed in the last 18 months, i think that my attitude is what has changed the most. i’m the classic story of the girl who DID NOT want to go on a mission, to now the sister who does NOT want to go home! of course i want to go home. but i also just want to stay here for longer and continue to part of this amazing, marvelous work!
hope my pictures make up for my lack of writing! thank you for all of your love and support of me! even though i haven’t said much in my email, you can know that i will continue to work and serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength until the very end. i love the gospel. i know its true!
sister brereton

the second to the last // 2.29.15

my comps bday the other week




our sketchy bridge haha


with the beautiful sister folau


this is our rooftop!


look at me, ma!


i just love this bunny haha




our beautiful area!


our district


from up on the mountain shot of our area


can’t go up the stairs in the rainstorm