another notable valentine’s day // 2.15.16


i just love emailing every week! its so fun to hear what you are all up to! thanks for the emails and love and prayers and everything! hope it was a great vday. we did absolutely nothing for it here…boring haha. except it proved to be yet another eventful valentines day of my life…more on that later!
  • awesome: that my hair is getting thicker! so you won’t get to witness me looking like a bald person..too bad 😉 i’m so grateful that my hair has stopped dropping like its hot and that there’s some great new baby hairs making an appearance #thankful
  • awkward: our water was totally not working the day of valentines (for some unknown reason). and we had already used our reserve water! so what did we do? well, thanks to the goodness of our RC who lives across the street, we hauled water from her house to our 3rd floor apt so that we could shower haha. these are the joys of living in the ‘ppines. i’m so grateful for our RC!
  • awkward: let me paint the picture first. i was on exchanges with sister russon (an american p.s. i love her she’s the bomb) and we’re walking down the road. who do we see walking towards us on the other side of the street? the american peace corps girl i met last week. we smiled, waved, and said “hey” all casually just as if we were walking down the hallway at school in the good old u.s. of a. haha who would have thought that literally the only white people in all of catbalogan would run into each other right at that moment! so funny
  • email to president maurer: Hello President,
    How are you? I am excited for the Specialized Training this week. Each training we receive seems to provide the exact kind of strength and reminders I need to continue on with our daily work! It was a fast week, as usual. I am still not feeling well unfortunately. Some days I am just dragging. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is week. I’ve found the need to rest up for a bit some days in order to be able to go out to work. I’ve never experienced this feeling before. I think it may just be an end of mission bump in the road that helps me to increase my reliance and dependence on Heavenly Father and the enabling power. I’m grateful for this time to learn, but also would love to have my normal energy level and return to my usual physical capability. But I continue to take it a day at a time, and do my very best!
    We had two exchanges this week. First the lovely Calbayog sisters came. I had the chance to work with Sister ….. She is so wonderful and I’m excited to see how she’ll continue to blossom in the mission. We worked a lot on finding, since its something that she’s not as comfortable with. She is doing really well with the language, with teaching, with everything. I’m impressed with her wonderful attitude. She is so humble and teachable. She really wants to improve and is striving to do so!
    Next we had exchanges with the Catbalogan sisters. It was so fun for me to work with Sister…, since we’re batch! She is such a powerhouse of a missionary. I learned so much from her. Sister …. is good hands with Sister …. as her trainer!
    Overall, its been a good week. I love being a missionary! We’ve been trying to build stronger relationships with our branch president and our relief society president. It is paying off as we’re seeing some less actives return and the sacrament attendance increasing. Its really true that as the auxiliaries and missionaries work together so much more can be accomplished.
    Thank you for all that you do for us President. It is an honor to serve in the Tacloban mission!
    Sister Brereton
  • life continues to be great here! we had 2 exchanges this week, and that was awesome. i always learn so much from the sisters! this week we have a training meeting. which will be great. my comp and i give a training in the morning and then the zone leaders and then pres and sister maurer. so we’re praying big time for some inspiration. good things are in the works. i’m grateful for the holy ghost in my life.
  • its been a really rewarding week to see lots of less actives returning to church! its great to work hand in hand with the auxiliaries to help get these wonderful people back to church. i wish i would have utilized the auxiliaries more often throughout my mission. but thankful to be able to learn now.
  • sorry for the short, lame email. hope the pics make up for it.
  • just know that i love this gospel. i love my mission. i love the Philippines. and although the idea of coming home is so exciting…its so bittersweet as well! i will miss everything here. but its ok the church is true wherever you are in the world!
thanks for all your love and support of me. i appreciate it so very much!
sister brereton

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