the dengue diaries // 2.1.15

happy february everyone! january sure ended unexpectedly. time is just way too fast. we’ve had a roller coaster week here in catbalogan! i’m emailing earlier than usual today because we’re going to tacloban later…more on that later!

  • awesome: that i didn’t transfer! 3 areas, 2 languages, 7 companions, 18 months. that’s my mission. i’m so grateful to get to finish out my mission in this wonderful area!
  • awesome 2: we finally moved! yes i know its hard to believe that after all of my false alarms, saying that we’re moving. but its finally happened! thanks to our great sr. couple missionaries and the elders here! we started saturday morning and it was quite the ordeal. especially taking down the bunk beds (which were put together incorrectly to begin with!) and reassembling them in the new apt. did we encounter trials while trying to move in? yes we did. aka the doorknob somehow broke and we couldn’t get into the apt, after all of our things were moved in. ironic, right? so we found ourselves at the hardware stores while the good old polynesian elders broke into our apt so we could replace the doorknob! by the time all was said and done, it was about 8pm, and we were dead tired! but all is well because we’re now out of that old smelly apartment down the street from the slaughter house! so no more rats, no more sewer smells, no more leaking roof, no more fears of flooding, no more cleaning up rat poop, no more killing cockroaches and mosquitoes every morning, no more rats, no more rats, did i mention no more rats?! our new apt is a lot smaller, but it doesn’t matter because its so much better 🙂
  • awkward: met an american who is here for some peace corps thing. so weird to see an american. i almost felt defensive like, “umm excuse me why are you here? i’m supposed to be the only american here…” haha
  • tuesday was transfer day, and since there is officially no more transfer meeting in tacloban, we spent the day coordinating the travel for all the sisters coming to and from our zone. stressful! and crazy busy. but i was so happy at the end of the day when all of our sisters arrived safely in their respective areas!
  • wednesday i did not feel good. body aches and just slept the whole day.
  • thursday and friday, back on my feet and we had good days of work!
  • saturday was moving day
  • sunday. we went to church, but other than that i was down for the count! sister hansen (mission nurse) and i both think i have dengue due to the fact that all my bones hurt and i feel like i have arthritis, and because i have red dots all over! so yeah i’m a polka dot mess but i’m keeping it all in check with tylenol
  • that’s part of the reason we’re going to tacloban…to get a rapid dengue test before MLC on tuesday and wednesday. mom don’t worry about me! i’m actually totally fine. i always heard that dengue is the worst pain ever felt, so miserable, etc. in no way do i recommend having dengue (if the test confirms thats what it is), but its really not even half as bad as the hype makes it sound like it is! so yeah keep me in your prayers. but i’m totally fine. already had a priesthood blessing as well 🙂 (did i want to hear the words, “be thou healed” or “arise, take up thy bed and walk” in that priesthood blessing? yes i did. but i unfortunately wasn’t blessed with that haha. so i guess i will continue to just have a normal recovery and our poor investigators will not be visited for a few extra days!)
  • also, in the spirit of full disclosure i am telling you about this whole dengue thing so please (mom) do not panic and think that i’m just candy coating everything and that really i’m dying. because i’m totally fine! really. its just a little test of my faith here at the end of my mission. but nothing i can’t handle through the enabling power 🙂
  • so yeah. life is good. hopefully we’ll be back to work after we come back from tacloban on wednesday! i plan to have a full days work on thursday! i just want to work!

thanks for all you love and support! i sure do love you all. and i’m so grateful for all your prayers in my behalf! next week i’ll send pics of the new apt 🙂


sister brereton


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