i’m not transferring! // 1.25.16

i know i have been saying for weeks that i’ll be transferring, but the revelation is in, and i’m staying put! and i’m so happy! this means i’m in my last area! my companion and i go home at the same time, so we after us, whitewash!

  • awesome: that i’m not transferring! the work here has absolutely exploded in the last week and so i’m so grateful that i’ll get to stay here! 🙂 its honestly such a relief. i don’t have to adjust to a new area for just the last 6 weeks of my mission. i prayed that i can finish my mission with no regrets, and feel like i’ve done my best. i think staying in this area will help me to do just that!
  • awkward: we still haven’t moved! but we have started to move some of our things to the new apt 🙂 we’re waiting for someone from the mission who has a truck to help us move the big stuff! so hopefully by the time i email next we truly will have moved for real!
  • i didn’t make a list of things to write about, and we just barely received the exciting news of transfers, so my mind is a little bit blanking right now! i’ll copy the email i sent to president maurer (which i wrote before transfer announcements!) Hello President,
    I can’t believe another week has already come and gone. Time speeds up every single week. Hope things are well in Tacloban. We are anxiously awaiting transfer announcements. I can’t believe that I’m about to embark on my last cycle here in the mission. I feel like I just barely got a handle of all the missionary responsibilities, and now I’ll soon be going home. I look forward to this next cycle to strive to really become the missionary that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Its my only chance! As much as I would have loved to submit a “request” to you for my last area, or last language, or last companion, the truth is I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! I know that of course, the Lord knows best where I should be serving, in which language, and who with. I can’t be the one to choose! I will willingly serve Him in anyplace, in any capacity. I’ll do whatever He wants me to do.
    We had a really great week here in Catbalogan. I really love the new method of exchanges! We were able to have exchanges with both the San Joaquin sisters and Borongan sisters. First was Borongan and I worked with Sister xxxx. Every time, its a privilege to work with her! Her ability to bring the Spirit into a lesson is incredible. I know its because of her diligence in striving for the Spirit, her love of the people being taught, and her obedience to the rules. She is a wonderful missionary and I will miss her dearly! Next we had exchanges with San Joaquin and I worked with Sister xxx! I’m really impressed with her language! Although she doesn’t understand everything, she is able to teach small, but powerful parts of the lesson. The people easily trust and love her. I am excited to see her grow and progress in the mission as a capable and willing instrument in the hands of the Lord!
    I love working in our area. Its incredible to me to see the difference in our area in just one week of really focusing on it! I have loved not traveling for exchanges! We have found some really potential investigator families, and that is exciting. We also had the chance to contact an internet referral we received through the new referral system. Although the actual referral was not completely interested, her mother was and we gave her a baptismal date right away! It really goes to show that the Lord will provide a means to find His children who are prepared for the gospel 🙂
    Thank you for everything President Maurer! Whether I stay in this area, or move to another, I am happy to serve and will always look upon my mission experience with love and fondness. This opportunity to serve is truly priceless. Thank you for everything you and Sister Maurer do in our behalf. We love you!
    Sister Brereton
  • ummmmmm i’m so blanking! can’t think what else to tell you about!
  • just want to testify of the power of prayer. heavenly father really does listen. no other time in my mission have i so often experienced heavenly father answering my prayers immediately!
i am so grateful for all of you! i love you all! sorry for the lame email. hope the pics make up for it! until next week  🙂
sister brereton

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