welcome, welcome 2016 // 1.4.16


how are you all? thanks for the emails. you’re all the bomb.com. we had a good week here! happy new year by the way! new years is super big here in the phils (way bigger than christmas) so it made the work a little slower since so many people were really busy preparing and such. but its all good! sorry this email will probably be short too. so sorry.
  • awesome: finding a new investigator that has super awesome potential!
  • awkward: being invited to a member’s house for new years. her husband is from australia and spoke to us in english. its safe to say that i struggle keeping up a normal english conversation. haha. and at one point i answered back in waraywaray without even realizing it until the brother said, “what? you can speak to me in english you know!” haha so yeah good luck to me when i come home!
  • email to president: Hello President Maurer,How are you? Hope things are well in Tacloban. I am looking forward to MLC this week! Life is good here in Catbalogan. The week started out kind of slow because so many people were busy with preparations for New Years and we didn’t get to teach much. It was really the first time that I’ve been punted in this area! Usually we’re really blessed to be able to visit all those we plan, but this week was an exception. I had forgotten how frustrating and discouraging it is to be punted! However, we were really blessed to find a really exceptional family this week that made all the punting worth it! We are very hopeful that they will progress because the father of the family has a solid Christian background, but also has lots of questions that so far we have been able to answer. Sister Abitria and I actually made a goal during our weekly planning to find a family with a tatay this week, but unfortunately we both forgot we made this goal! I was shocked to look back at my planner and be reminded of this, and then see that Heavenly Father helped us to achieve this goal even though we forgot we had made it! If He will help us achieve goals we’ve forgotten we’ve made, how much more He will help us achieve the goals that we’re really striving for!We also had exchanges this week with the Calbayog Sisters. I got to work with Sister ….. She is really turning into a great missionary. I really like her teaching style. She really listens to the spirit to know what to say. She is still adjusting to the strenuous mission life, but she is doing well. She will make a great leader someday.Overall we’ve had a good week! We’ve been searching for the relatives of Sister Abitria this week as well. I’m excited to see what is in store in the next few weeks!Thank you for all that you and Sister Maurer do for us. We so appreciate you.Love,Sister Brereton
  • we haven’t moved yet. we were to supposed to move this week but the apt owner is still getting things in order, we’re waiting for the official manila approval for the apt, and the contracts and money stuff is a headache. so at the rate we’re going, maybe i’ll transfer by the time we actually move! but its ok. i’m alright with that just as long as the future sisters are in a better apt.
  • what else. we have a busy week coming up. we have MLC tomorrow and then exchanges in the furthest place we go to, borongan. then the next week more exchanges and then some more. the same for the next week. nothing super new
  • oh no have a reached the point in a missionary’s mission that there’s nothing exciting to report on?
  • the work continues to progress and we continue to work day in and day out! its incredible to see the tender mercies of the Lord that are just abundant on our lives and the lives of those we meet each day. i’m getting excited with our area because there are some less actives that have decided to make church their priority in 2016. we’ve been having oyming as well and asking people what their resolutions are. we’re getting some pretty interesting answers!
  • my new years resolutions: 1-preserve mission memories through writing in my journal daily, 2-preserving mission memories by taking more pictures, and 3-preserving my parents investment in my teeth by wearing my retainers every night  🙂
  • i’m wracking my brain to think of what else happened this week! not really that much! i’ll do better this week to take more pictures to send for next week 🙂
i love you all and i’m so grateful for your love and support of me. there is nothing better than opening my email weekly to see emails from those i love so dearly! thank you!
i hope that 2016 will be a great year. i know that as we trust in our Heavenly Father He will guide our paths!
sister brereton

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