the fastest week to date // 1.18.16

this really was the fastest week of my mission i think! i’m just trying to enjoy everyday and soak up every minute i have left in the mission and in the phils. as a lot of my friends are preparing to go home in the next week, i’m started to realize how my days are really numbered! it sounds cliche, but i’m not counting the days, just making the days count! my companion and i have made it a goal to wear ourselves out in the work to go home at the end of the day with nothing else to give! because even though we’re so tired, its the most satisfying feeling ever! we have had a good week:

  • awesome: interviews. every 3 months we get an interview with president maurer. i love and respect him so much. he receives revelation for our mission for sure. i was really lucky to be able to talk to him for a long time, and to be able to ask him some questions that have been on my mind as well. he told me that he really doesn’t know what to do with me…if he should transfer me, or not. transfer announcements are a week from today so i guess by then we’ll see what has been decided. he said he’ll really have to seek revelation for where i should be and with who, for my last cycle. at this point, even if i were able to choose, i don’t know what i would choose for myself! so i’m grateful for a truly inspired and in-tune mission president who will really seek what heavenly father wants. i find so much comfort in that. i’m not even worried about this coming cycle because wherever i end up, it really will be where heavenly father wants me to be!
  • awkward: mis-using expressions and having other americans correct me. haha. i’m slowly losing my mind i feel! yesterday i used the expression “pop a cap” instead of “flip a lid” (which is what i really meant!) haha i’ve been the only american around for so long that i really didn’t realize how i’ve lost the ability to keep up a normal english conversation. ugh. so yeah. don’t judge me haha.
  • awkward 2/scary: witnessing a power line explode this week. did i think that someone set of fireworks? yes i did. haha
  • apartment update: still haven’t moved….we’re waiting for screens to be put on the windows of the new apartment first! i keep saying “next week” but at this point i don’t really know when we’ll move haha. keep you posted 🙂
  • i am slowly learning tagalog….who knew! seriously though. i should probably include this in the awkward section of my email. because this week, pretty much everyone we meet speaks tagalog to us! and i just pretend like i fully understand them when really i only partially understand them! i wish i could focus my language study on tagalog and just learn it and use it..but then it wouldn’t be fulfilling D&C 90:11. so i will keep learning and using waray waray and continue to only have a basic understanding of tagalog! not to mention i don’t think my brain can handle learning a 3rd language out here on the mission.
  • oh my goodness just realized i’m out of time!
the church is true! and i love it! i’m sorry that my emails are so short and don’t even contain 1/1000 of what has actually happened, what i really think, what things are really like, etc. i do my best in the short time we have! just know that the church is true and that this is the most important work ever! i love you all!
sister brereton

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