advance happy new year! // 12.28.15

i still can’t believe that 2015 is drawing to an end. the time just flies and flies. and then flies a little faster every week!

how are you? we’ve had a really great christmas week here and i’m so thankful for the wonderful technology that let me talk to and see my family! skype truly is the best invention since sliced bread haha
as usual, the week went by fast, and so has my email time! so i’ll do my best to report on the past week πŸ™‚
  • awesome: its official: we are moving! elder hansen the senior missionary in charge of apts drove us back to catbalogan after the christmas conference in tacloban on tuesday and came to look at the new apt we found! he approved it without any hesitation! i acted as translator for the business deal haha. and we’ll hopefully be moving in at the beginning of the new year if all goes according to plan! i’m so grateful! we have been fasting and praying for this for months πŸ™‚ heavenly father truly answers, just in his own time, not the time that we want or think we need. he truly knows best Β πŸ™‚
  • awkward: totally forgetting my awesome umbrella that has lasted me for almost my whole mission in tacloban. then buying a replacement umbrella and it snapping in half 3 days later. #merrychristmas haha. i’m on the umbrella search again!
  • awkward: an australian member on vactaion here in the philippines for the holidays came to church yesterday. i literally had the hardest time keeping up a coherent english conversation with him. what is happening to me?? his family invited us over for new years eve. they’re english speaking. so yeah good luck to me haha. i’ll keep you posted on that!
  • tender mercy of the week: getting to skype! i didn’t take the time to tell you about the all the trials that i went through to be able to skype on christmas day! ok maybe “trials” is being dramatic. but i did feel my heart breaking in my chest when we arrived at our usual internet place and they were closed when they had told us just days before that they would be open for christmas! we walked around asking people what other internet places were open on christmas and they told us every where was closed. my companion and i were beginning to walk back to our apt, depressed and dejected when we saw the lady who works at our usual internet place! you better believe i marched up to her and asked her where else we could go to email. haha. she referred a different internet shop to us and my a sheer miracle we found it! then when i got on the comp i couldn’t access my myldsmail to get the skype password that lauren emailed! by a sheer miracle i somehow remembered my skype account details from before the mission. wow! and then the connection was good. so yes. heavenly father is so mindful of me and my beautiful family and our desire to skype ever since hanging up from the mothers day skype in may!
  • so yeah. short email again. sorry.
love you all! thank you for your love and prayers and support! i’ll try to have a better email next week πŸ™‚
merry christmas and a happy new year!
sister brereton

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