i’ll be home for christmas (next year) // 12.21.15

hello everyone! and merry christmas! can’t believe its really the christmas season..because when i think christmas i don’t think of drinking coconut juice and fanning mosquitoes away with a plan of salvation pamphlet! but this is how i started out this christmas week and i LOVE IT! i really do.

usually i make a list of things to write home about…but this week has passed by me and now i haven’t made a list! i’ll do my best to go from memory. and to send the pics from this week and last! but if all else fails…we still have SKYPE on christmas day. I’m so excited 🙂
  • awesome: how my attitude of talking to everyone and OYMing (open your mouth) has really changed! it used to be that i talked to people out of obligation or fear that if i didn’t try to share the gospel with them i’d be held accountable at the last day! i don’t know exactly what’s changed, but now i do talk to everyone because i genuinely want them to have the peace and happiness of the gospel in their lives too! so interesting to see how my attitude of this has been changed, shaped, and molded over the course of my mission!
  • awesome 2: that its christmas and that a savior is born!
  • awkward: that i sometimes get cold in the air con at the church now. oh wow. now i’m just like the locals in that regard. good luck to me upon going home haha
  • this week has been good but not crazy eventful! we had the chance to work in our area! i’m grateful for my new companion because she is so smart. she is memorizing our area and the people so fast! its great. we had exchanges with the San Joaquin sisters (and i forgot my camera salamat) this week as well. and i love those sisters and i love their area so its always fun! if i ever get assigned to that area i won’t complain because the people literally line up for the missionaries to teach them! its so cool
lots more happened, but i can’t remember what! sorry for the short, lame email!
see you christmas day!
sister brereton

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