a wild week // 12.7.15

i’m still shocked that its december. anyways. how is it going? hope life is treating you right! we had a crazy week with back to back exchanges. the days and week are starting to go faster and faster. i am loving loving loving my mission!

  • awesome: mormon.org/christmas. its awesome. also did you notice that christmas is in 18 days? am i on the christmas countdown? yes i am.
  • awkward: a member in this branch who has a new hobby of taking pictures of me, photoshopping them, and then printing them out for me… does my life just keeping getting weirder or what? haha
  • awkward 2: the group of elementary boys standing behind me in this internet shop, watching me type. are they reading what i’m writing? probably. hey, stay in school, don’t do drugs, go to church, ok?
  • tuesday: after our district meeting sister asug and i traveled to calbayog to begin exchanges! i love all the sisters there, so its always fun for me! we found some new investigators that night, then the next morning traveled to their real area where the mission has just recently gotten an apt for them.
  • wednesday: we worked with the sisters in the morning. i love their area for a variety of reasons! would i mind being assigned there? not at all! i worked with sister garcia who is brand new to the field, from florida, and is absolutely wonderful. we went home to their new house for lunch and then began CSP of cleaning the house so they could begin moving in! did i spend 4 hours cleaning the mold in between the tiles of the bathroom? yes i did. its so funny how the mission/the phils has really changed. things that really freaked me out before (like mold) don’t even phase me now hahah
  • thursday: began exchanges with the other sisters! i worked with sister erandio, a new missionary as well but from manila. did i pick her brain about the good places to shop in manila before i go home? yes i did. our exchange was cut short when we received word that my companion was having an asthma attack. i’m grateful for modern medicine and the priesthood power! all was well after a priesthood blessing from the elders.
  • friday: my companion and i traveled back to our area and then she slept for the rest of the day
  • saturday: i woke up feeling not so hot and spent the day sleeping and recovering from some little bug that totally sapped my energy. totally fine though don’t worry! just a one day thing! πŸ™‚
  • sunday: just a normal sunday!
  • i am so grateful to heavenly father working miracles in our area while we’re away on exchanges. as you can see, we don’t get to work in our area much. but its been incredible to see the incredible little “coincidences” that occur in our area while we’re gone. i don’t believe in coincidences. i know the Lord is in the handiwork or our area, and our lives. its such a blessing to be a full time missionary to have this time of my life to totally dedicate to the work of the Lord. i can without any reservation say that going on a mission is one of the best decisions i’ve ever made in my life. i’ve made a lot of pivotal choices in my short time here on earth, but this is one that has truly changed my life. for the better. and hopefully has changed others lives as well. i love my mission!
so yeah. thats about it. sorry for the boring email! tomorrow we are traveling to tacloban for meetings, then will go directly to borongan for exchanges again! we won’t get to work in our area until saturday! and then next week is transfers. was that a fast cycle or what? i think i’ll be staying in this area πŸ™‚ but hopefully not in this apt #thesearchcontinues
i love you all! thank you for your continued love and support of me. i love you!
sister brereton

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