a week of adventure // 11.30.15

hello! sorry i don’t have loads of time to write today but i’ll do my best! how are you all? how has the week been? things here have been busy as usual! but i love it. busy is better than bored as they say!

  • awesome: having a baptism! its so good to see those who are prepared making covenants with our heavenly father! these two wonderful sisters are so prepared!
  • awkward: yesterday during church, during the sacrament, totally spilling the water all over me. which meant….giving my talk during sacrament meeting with a huge water stain on my shirt hahaha
  • awkward 2: the musical number in sacrament meeting. an RM who played “as sisters in zion” on a recorder. then after the meeting told us that he dedicated his musical number to my and my companion…salamat haha
  • awkward 3: meeting an albino this week. did i think he was an american at first? yes i did.
  • happy thanksgiving by the way!
  • on tuesday we had specialized training which was really awesome! all about sabbath day. the general authorities are really emphasizing this! and its so important. we must keep ourselves unspotted from the world!
  • after the training we started exchanges. i was with sis. papasin who is from manila. i love her. its actually our 3rd exchange together because she was my STL before! so funny! i still feel like she is my STL not that i’m hers
  • we helped the san joaquin sisters look for an apt this week! they are opening their area and have no where to live yet! still no luck on finding an new apt for ourselves. but we found one for them! it was a fun day looking for an apt!
  • my companion and i worked our booties off this week to get things rolling in our area since we rarely get to really focus on our area! so yeah. so exhausted at the end of the week…but so happy! i love missionary work
  • fun fact of the week: oym-ed a news reporter here in catbalogan to cover a story about the army base here being ambushed! wow! crazy.
  • well. sorry i’ve only had a few minutes to write today! all is well here! i am happy and thriving and well! so blessed to be having such a wonderful mission experience! i learn so much every.single.day. the church is true! heavenly father loves us!
sister brereton

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