living on a prayer and a little bit of coke // 11.23.15


we’ve had a crazy busy week this past week and i’m still tired from it! but caffeine is surging through my veins and i’m feeling good. hahah (don’t worry i’m taking it easy on the coke, mom)
we had a week full of traveling. i am keeping track of how much time we travel this cycle because its seriously so crazy! so many exchanges, meetings, etc. i’ travel here is not the same too because we’re packed in vans with crazy drivers. anyways. still alive so all is well!
  • awesome: having exchanges with sister folau (and totally forget to take a pic sorry) anyways. she’s from park city and i love her to death! she just was companions with sister malu so we spent 1/2 the exchange talking about how much we love sister malu! haha sis folau is so great. she’s batch with my anak, in fact i thought that i was going to train her! but the Lord had a different plan and so now i get to go with her on exchanges in stead! she’s so awesome, so strong. love her.
  • awkward: being able to form my hair into a bun using 1 bobby pin #bald (haha so many of my “awkward” things have to do with my hair, don’t they?)
  • this week we had ZTM! my companion and i gave a training about how we can use our time wisely through the enabling power of the atonement! it went well. hope it will be helpful to the missionaries in our zone. i sure learned a lot studying and preparing for it! we have so many new missionaries in our zone that i hope they went away with the resolve to use every sacred moment of the mission wisely! haha molding young minds….jk. can’t believe i’m so old in the mission
  • i’m so exhausted from our exchanges! after ZTM on tuesday we started our exchanges with the san joaquin sisters (sis.folau and sis.garcia) then after returning home on thursday morning, i showered, packed new clothes and sister asug and i traveled to have exchanges with the sisters in borongan, 4.5hours away. (i literally didn’t sleep in my own bed from monday-friday! ) anyways we had a great exchange with them! they’re so awesome! i love exchanges but the travel wears me out!
  • which brings us to this. hours spent traveling this week aka van time: 12 hours
  • shoutout to adam who was 16 and went on 17! you better believe that i’d be singing that song to you if i was there! happy birthday! you can go on a mission in just one short year!
  • sorry i don’t have much to say this week! the work just continues to go forward. nothing too crazy to report! i’m sure grateful for this gospel and the opportunity to be a missionary and prepare the way for the second coming!
love you all so much! don’t worry about me i’m doing great!
sister brereton
p.s. is there a typhoon? heard there’s one headed for eastern samar…
p.p.s. happy thanksgiving!

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