things just got real // 11.16.15

because i just got my trunky letter. yeah..that sure snuck up on me. still processing it all. march 9 release date. still loading. still buffering. still feel like a just got a handle of this whole being a missionary thing. can you believe it?

anyways. sorry to be emailing so late! we worked in our area this morning, then traveled to have a zone activity! our zone leaders are hilarious. they rented pedicabs (the tricycle type things used to go around town in) for us to race with. then we had water balloons and threw them at each other! like real life mario cart! super funny and fun! so now its late and we’re emailing from a sketchy little computer shop that i don’t trust enough to plug in my memory card! sorry the pics will have to wait until next week! sorry for the grammar mistakes i’m sure i’m making. i am so so tired. like all the time haha
  • awesome: eating LOTS of seafood (hope the mercury levels are low in these fish!) and then my hair not falling out as much. so yeah my inner nutrition nerd is gonna research the nutritional properties of squid when i get home. hair is still falling but not as bad ๐Ÿ™‚
  • awesome 2: hands down the best decision of my mission was taking my laundry to the laba place to have it be done for me! thanks to being in the city now. i forgot how nice (and normal) it is to not have to wash each piece of clothing by hand!
  • awkward: people telling me that my eyes are gray and NOT blue. is it possible that your eyes can fade color or something? its kinda true that my eyes don’t look as blue as they used to…
  • awkward 2: how incredibly tired i am. all.the.time.
  • we had MLC this week which was really good. especially fun because now my good friends sister arais and sister wilde are STLs now and so i got to see them! had a fun sleepover the night of MLC too! had a hilarious time with sister wilde trying to use a butcher knife to unlock the bathroom door handle that broke haha. anyways super funny. but anyways actual MLC was really good. really uplifting! we talked a lot about the enabling power of the atonement! its so incredibly true that HE can lift the burdens from us the weigh us down. it doesn’t mean that He takes it all away, but He helps us to carry the burden one day at a time. i testify that that is true
  • the funny moment of MLC was the counseling part when its open discussion about mission rules, if there should be rules eliminated/added/changed/or whatever. the discussion came up about, should the mission invest in washing machines to help missionaries save time. they asked us to raise our hands if we thought it would be a good investment. a good portion raised their hands (me included). sister wilde and i were cracking up because only the americans raised their hands, no filipinos hahaha.
  • apartment updates: the rats don’t come as much which is great! but still no luck on the apt search.
  • ponderize: alma 26:12
  • my email to president: Hello President, I apologize for emailing so late! We’ve finished a really great zone activity and are finishing out the day with email time. I was shocked to see my “trunky letter” in the inbox of my email today. Its unreal. Still feel like I just got here and just got a grip on things. I think of Jacob talking about how, “our lives passed away as it were unto us a dream.” I couldn’t agree more! I’m grateful to have a few more months to have this wonderful time to serve. Its such an honor, such a privilege. We had a really good week! We planned our 8 exchanges for the cycle, and began our first exchange with the Catbalogan 2 sisters. I had the opportunity to work with Sister ….., who is just fantastic. She’s a wonderful example of letting her light shine to others. Everywhere we went she smiled and greeted the people we passed with such a delightful disposition. No wonder she always finds so many new investigators! I’m sure that they are curious to find out what makes her so happy. She is doing great as a missionary and trainer. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with her ๐Ÿ™‚ Sister Asug and I continue to plug along in our area! I feel really blessed that although we really don’t get to focus all the time on our area, that we when actually get to work in our area, the work is really good. We’re so blessed to not get punted. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father being so mindful of us! I love my mission. I am so tired all the time and sometimes just out of steam. But i’m grateful for the reminder at MLC of the enabling power of the Atonement. Endurance is only possible through relying on HIM. Thank you for all that you and Sister Maurer do for us. We love you! Love, Sister Brereton
  • i am LOVING the new americans in the mission. they are SO AMERICAN. haha like they talk about stuff that i totally forgot existed. and they sound so american when they talk. its cracking me up to see them grow in the mission! they reference the MTC all.the.time because its the only experience they have to draw on so far. every sentence beginning with, “in the mtc…” ย i just crack up about ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m like half american half filipina now
  • by the way can someone enlighten me on what’s going on with same sex stuff (besides that gay marriage is totes legal now. yucks) and child baptism? sorry kinda living under a rock here haha:)
  • well i’m just about out of time! love you all to pieces! sorry for not getting to respond to everything. my email time is cut short tonight! next week ย ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for your love and support of me! i’m so grateful to have this chance to serve! i know the gospel is true!
until next week,
love you all to the moon and back,
sister brereton

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