oh babylon we bid thee farewell // 11.9.15

hello! how is everyone doing? sorry for not getting back to all of you this week! i’ll try to answer general questions right now! things are going great here in catbalogan! we’ve actually had a really good, fast week! i’m loving how things are going this new cycle! i’m still with my same companion, sister asug. she’s from bikol. we’re batch going home so we’re already planning to party in tacloban before we go home because our bdays are both in march! so yeah we continue to work this week! with a nice 2 week streak of no travel! that streak gets broken tomorrow though when we travel to tacloban for MLC. which i’m super excited about actually! i really like MLC its very uplifting and fun at the same time! love the maurers. i’m really looking forward to this cycle! there is some awesome stuff lined up!

  • awesome: the new batch of missionaries arrived! and theres 27 of them! thats the biggest batch since my batch arrived 1 WHOLE YEAR ago! crazy right! the best news is that there are AMERICANS! i prayed that this cycle i’d be able to help them adjust to the filipino life (remember how homesick i was? i wanna help them through it) and my prayers were answered when 3 American sisters got put under me and my companion’s STL stewardship! YAY! so excited! 🙂 i’m the living proof to them that they can survive! haha
  • awkward: lots of the new missionaries already “knowing” me. i’ve been told that lots of them researched my mission blog before entering the MTC and that it really helped them to prepare! so i’m grateful that i could help in that way! even though its weird that they know all about me and my mission when i’ve never even met them before! haha
  • awkward 2: had a tough time fighting against babylon this week! found myself in the waiting room of a dentist’s office while my companion had an emergency tooth fix. trying to tune out the tv in the background talking about the music industry! even though i did quite well at tuning it out, overheard some things/music that made me realize i’ve been in the mission bubble A LONG TIME. i love it! i’m totally out of the wicked, wicked world.
  • i LOVE seeing the new missionaries. they sound SO american when they talk! makes me realize that i kinda really do have an accent now. and i say things in such a filipino way now! i’m not super american anymore (i mean of course i am but i’ve just developed so many weird filipina quirks!) so its so fun for me to see the ones that are FRESH from america and FRESH from the MTC. they can’t speak these languages and so i’m having fun making simple vocabulary lists for them to start to get a handle on things. I’m having so much fun!!!!! for the first time in a YEAR i’m not the only american in our district! 🙂
  • ponderize scripture: d&c 90:11 i have to learn this crazy language, waray waray to fulfill the promise of the Lord!
  • back to how much fun i’m having this cycle! i’m having so much fun! our zone leaders are my batch mate as well! i’m surrounded by americans this cycle and that has never happened to me before so i’m LOVING.IT. haha
  • moment of bravery: i really stepped up to the plate today when i killed a HUGE cockroach with my shoe instead of using the permethrin. #oldinthemissionnow
  • excerpt of email to president: Hello President! How are you? We’ve had a really great week here in Catbalogan! Its been nice to feel like just regular missionaries this week and having the chance to totally focus on our area. The new batch of missionaries has sure caused a lot of excitement throughout the mission. I am so happy that there are now more foreigners in the mission! And I’m even more grateful to have the opportunity to interact with the new missionaries in our zone. Its especially for fun for me to see the foreigners navigating the first few days in the field. It takes me back to about a year ago when I was in the same, awkward boat! But I love the chance to be able to help the missionaries too, to be able to testify to them that even on those days when they are questioning their choice to come on a missionary, that they really can do it, but only through the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am proof of that. Without the enabling grace that the Atonement provides, I would have gone home long ago. I am so grateful for this assignment to serve as a sister training leader, especially now that I have the chance to help other foreigner sisters through the culture shock! I am so excited about this cycle and the exchanges we have ahead of us. Although my waray waray is far from perfect, I continue to strive to learn the language so that promises in D&C 90:11 can be fulfilled. Thank you for all that you do for us President Maurer! We sure do appreciate you and look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Love, Sister Brereton
  • we continue to look for an new apartment. the members are looking for us too! members keep telling us horror stories of this apt flooding during rainy season when other sisters were here! so yeah…the search continues!
  • i’m continuing to love this work of the Lord. i feel so blessed that we have some really good progressing investigators now. some people who are really yearning for the truth! its such a blessing to be the messenger of such a life changing message. a message that has changed my life. i know the church is true. heavenly father loves us. jesus christ IS THE CHRIST. the second coming is sooner than we expect, i think. the book of mormon is true. pres. monson is THE prophet. listen to the watchmen on the tower!
thank you for your love and support of me! i’m so grateful for the love and kindness of all of those who keep me in their thoughts and prayers all 8000+ miles away!
sister brereton

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