12 hours of travel // 10.26.15

hello! another week has come and gone! i’m starting to truly lose track of the days. its the weirdest. and there i go sounding like a broken record talking about time again! we’ve had another great week here. i’m so tired though. it might have something to do with the fact that sister asug and i traveled for a cumulative 12 hours in the past week. between our trip to tacloban last monday, exchanges, and a zone activity earlier today, its been 12 hours of being in a van! so yeah. kinda super tired of traveling now. but oh well! its my life now and i love it!

  • awesome: having exchanges with my favorite sister kalua-santiago! it was so awesome! i love her so much. she’s like the #1 person in this mission who’s kept me sane. especially during my 12 weeks. she’s the american trainer that i never had haha. that’s why its so cool that here at the end of her mission (she goes home in a week!) she and i got to go on exchanges together! ironic that i’m her STL because it feels more like the other way around. i have learned so much from her in the past year! so glad that our friendship will last beyond the mission. we already have plans to visit each other in hawaii/utah after the mission! i was overjoyed to be able to work with her!
  • awkward: teaching a lesson to a lady who basically lives with a family of rats. as we were teaching the lesson, rats kept poking their heads out of different places in the room. by the time we finished the lesson, we counted 12 different rats. yes 12. gross. haha
  • but speaking of RATS! guess what! we have on in our apartment too! i’m pretty disgusted with it too…it comes in and out of the bathroom drain and then also goes in and out from the roof! it poops all over the bathroom..so everyone i have a new ritual of cleaning up after it. i named him oscar! but not to worry, we’ve talked to the mission and now we have a rat trap! we’ll be setting it up later today, just have to buy some peanut butter first! i’ll keep you posted on how it goes! this is the type of thing i feared about the phils when i got my mission call! so far so good! this is the first time i’ve experienced something like this! i’m so glad its when i’m old in the mission and can handle it, instead of when i was new!
  • on that same note, i’ve gotten things in motion with the mission office for us to start looking for a new apartment 🙂 pray for us please that we can find one!
  • its literally so hot. as in. so hot. hot enough to melt a starburst on my desk. hot enough that i just sleep in my garments at night (TMI?). its so hot! they say it was this hot right before yolanda too… but speaking of typhoons. we haven’t been bothered by any around here!
  • one thing i love about the mission is that Heavenly Father truly answers our prayers. and He answers them immediately! not all of my prayers. but in some moments when we need them most. for example. last week we stayed overnight in tacloban at the sisters apartment there. we woke up super early to travel back to catbalogan and when we got outside, the outdoor gate was locked! we didn’t know what to do…we didn’t have the key, the sisters were still asleep, etc. we stopped and prayed that somehow we would either think of way to climb the gate (basically impossible to do) or if somehow we could get out. after ending our prayer, we started looking around for a solution, because faith without works in dead you know! i saw a ladder and was thinking of a very genius (and dangerous may i add) plan to scale over the gate, when a neighbor walked out of his apartment, came and unlocked the gate, then just walked away. we were shocked! its was such a blessing! Heavenly Father is so mindful of us in our times of need. and not just us as missionaries, but ALL of us! all we have to do is ask in faith, and then get things in motion to help ourselves too! marvelous things can happen! Faith is a principle of action AND power!
  • i know this church is true. i am so grateful to dedicate this time of my life to serving the Lord! thank you for all your love and support of me! i am so grateful for you!
until next week,
sister brereton

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