here’s to you, tower of babel // 10.12.15

wow i really can’t believe how remarkably fast the time goes! here we are suddenly almost 1/2 through october. wow.

this week was so good and so busy! i have so much to say…let’s see if i can get through it all!
  • awesome: the primary choir in general conference. honestly it made my day to see those wiggly kids singing all together! my favorite kid: the one that sneezed half way thru the song! so funny
  • awkward: traveling 4 hours away for exchanges on a bumpy, dusty, dirt road in the jungle. literally the jungle. i half expected to see monkeys flying through the trees. the road is dirt because the real road is still being built…its a new road that is a shortcut to avoid going the long way (6 hours).
  • awkward 2: the struggle is real learning a new language…there are words in cebuano that mean very different things in waray2x. so yeah.. just learning the hard way…this week i thought i was asking her if she was still confused about anything we’d taught her at the conclusion of the lesson, BUT what i accidentally asked her is if she is lusting after anything from our lesson. hahah oops. you just can’t make these things up! salamat tower of babel!
  • in other news, hope you like bald people! jk. but i am starting to lose hair again…despite my best efforts…but its ok. i’m doing everything i can to make it stop, but nothing will stop mother nature’s vindictive fury (name that movie!). its ok though i’m dealing with it much better this time than the first time!
  • our exchanges this week were really good! my companion and i both worked in the other sisters area (since its 4 hours away) and it was really fun. their area is a different dialect of waray2x so i didn’t understand a lot of what the people were saying. but somehow thru the spirit i’m still able to understand the general idea of what they are saying! the gift of tongues is so cool. i’m so grateful for this mission experience to really teach me to rely on the spirit and really strive for it in my life all the time.
  • general conference was the bomb! except that i had the wonderful chance of watching the saturday session in tagalog. salamat tower of babel! yeah…i don’t know tagalog. i actually shed a few tears when we walked into the chapel and realized it was in Tagalog. i was so mad/sad/heartbroken because i had only been looking forward to gen.conf. for the past 6 months! but after lots of prayers, luckily on sunday we were able to hear the talks in english! i also shed a few tears but out of gratitude this time. Heavenly Father is so good to me. anyways. my favorite talk i think is Pres. Nelson’s. talk about girl power! haha the apostles are so inspired.
  • also, does anyone feel like the 2nd coming is soon? i feel like its closer than we think
  • this week I’m ponderizing 2 Nephi 32:9 The power of sincere, continually prayerful heart is really powerful!
  • i LOVE my mission. my close friends in the mission are starting to go home, and i just can’t believe it! it seems like i just got here but yet, if my mission friends are going home soon, it means that i’ll be following soon. its so weird to think about!
  • i’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve. i know i’m a broken record about this, but its really truly how i feel. i never thought that i would enjoy my mission as much as i am. there is so much satisfaction that comes through helping others receive the restored gospel into their lives!
love you all! thanks for the emails! sorry i didn’t get the chance today to email back on all! LOVE YOU!
sister brereton

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