how is it already october? // 10.5.15

i just feel like it really snuck up on all of us. time is so weird!

hello! kamusta kamo? this was a good week! it was an interesting week and sometimes i didn’t feel like a traditional missionary because we hardly got to teach any lessons this week! this week was full of meetings/trainings/etc! crazy.
  • awesome: getting to attend MLC (missionary leadership council). all of the ZLs and STLs get to council with the Maurers about different issues in the mission, and how we as leaders can help. its a 2 day event. we left our area tuesday after lunch and returned wednesday night. it was super uplifting and inspiring and really made me want to help the sisters under our stewardship. I’m already looking forward to next month’s MLC! its so cool we get to vote on stuff like what rules to put in place, and stuff like that! haha
  • awkward: giving a training for our zone in front of the Maurers and the APs…it turned out fine its just intimidating haha
  • awkward 2: living down the road from a slaughter house…so occasionally studying to the lovely sound of screaming pigs haha 🙂
  • the apartment: to answer your questions….our apt is ok. just ok. but if there is a typhoon we’re absolute toast because the roof is a joke. so pray that there will magically not be any typhoons this rainy season!
  • i’m quickly learning that the life of an stl is just a lot of attending meetings, giving trainings, and a whole lot of not getting to work in our area….which i don’t love. but its ok i’ll do whatever i’m asked to do. this week was just so busy with mlc, then we had ztm and zone interviews, then district conference on saturday and sunday. we only got to teach 7 lessons this week!
  • how was the general women’s broadcast last week? we got to watch it but my heart broke when it started to play in tagalog…i felt the spirit but didn’t understand what they were talking about. cebuano, waray2x, and tagalog are 3 totally different languages…i don’t know tagalog at all! haha
  • so a while back i know i said that they weren’t sending any more americans to the mission! but that turns out to not be true! which is great! i got the chance to talk to a newly arrived american sister over the phone the other day. and talk her down from her crazy. and remind her that she doesn’t really want to go home, even though things are hard at first! i just smiled to myself because she said some things that i remember feeling EXACTLY the same way in those first few months. the culture adjustment really is hard. but it was cool that i got to tell her that she can do it! even if she thinks she can’t. because i’m a living testament that even people who want to home at the beginning because they think they just can’t do it, really can do it. and experience the most happiness, satisfaction, and joy that anyone could ever experience! i love my mission now! love it.
  • wow i have so much more to say but i’m out of time (story of my life!)
  • i love you all so much! i’m hoping that i’ll get to see general conf in english…or else my heart will break 10000x more than it broke when i didn’t understand the women’s broadcast! thank you for your love and support of me! sorry for the lame email. i guess you can tell i’m in the last leg of the mission because my emails are boring now! i have to much to say just not enough time to type it all!
love you all! keep the faith
sister brereton

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