spending p-day in the hospital episode 2 // 10.19.15

but not for me don’t worry! today i’m emailing from tacloban! my companion has had a crazy ear infection going on for weeks now, so sister maurer wanted her to come and get it checked out by a doctor here…so yeah! we woke up early and have been spending our pday in tacloban. hallelujah real stores and i found some beloved american products. retail therapy is real. hahaha

its been a good week! and fast too. still i can’t get over how quickly the days, weeks, and transfer days pass by. time is the weirdest.
  • awesome: totally being blessed with the time to write in my journal! we literally have no time at the end of the each day to write in our journals. its a struggle that i’ve been having because i’ve learned that if you’re trying to be exactly obedient, there’s no time for anything. but its been cool to see the ways that Heavenly Father provides time for me to do things that normally i thought I couldn’t make time for! like today, i brought my journal to the hospital and got to write in it for a few hours while waiting with my companion to see the doctor! the Lord works in mysterious ways, right?
  • awkward: superstitions. i’ve literally heard the weirdest things on my mission like this one: if you get less than 8 hours of sleep, don’t wash your hair the next morning because you’ll get a headache…um yeah no comment.
  • this week i got sick! i have seriously been blessed with such good health on the mission (knock on wood…haha ironic that i’m saying that after just trashing on superstitions haha!) that it was surprising for me to be out for a day of work! actually 2! i can count on one hand the number of times that i’ve gotten sick. strep throat in my first area, then my leg, then a really bad cold in my second area. and i still worked those days i was sick (except when i was forbidden to walk because of my leg). which brings us up to now in my 3rd area crazy stomach pain. on wednesday we were in a lesson and my stomach just started to hurt so bad. to the point that i couldn’t even concentrate on teaching. we went home earlier that night and i just lay on my yoga mat (p.s. my yoga mat is literally in my top 10 favorite things i brought with me) on the floor while my companion cooked in hopes that if i ate the pain would subside a bit. after eating, it just hurt more. that night i took pepto bismol which didn’t help much…i never threw up…(thank goodness) but mostly my stomach just hurt and hurt. it felt like i had a worm or something…haha. continued on thursday too. i was feverish as well. friday….still wasn’t back to normal. had to cancel our exchanges for the week 😦 on friday i texted sister hansen to see what to do. said she had something similar last week and just had to wait it out! later that afternoon the pain subsided a little bit and we went back out to work! which was awesome! and now all is well! i’ve never been better!
  • also, can you scan me a copy of my glasses prescription, i think i wanna get new glasses 🙂 salamat
  • let’s see…what else? i still continue to familiarize myself with our area. still trying to learn waray-waray. i guess you could say the struggle is real. but also, the gift of tongues is real too! Heavenly Father is so gracious to pour out that blessing on us as missionaries when we are seeking for it as well. still trying to figure out how to be a good STL. my companion and i always joke that STL stands for sister TRAVELING leader, not training leader haha. it feels like we’re always traveling! but its ok!
  • hmmm…not so much to report on this week since we didn’t work for a day and half because of my stomach bug! we have some really good progressing investigators, and we’re working on some RC and LA young men to go on missions! which is really exciting. the world needs more missionaries! to anyone thinking of serving: just do it! it will be the best experience of your life!
  • i love my mission. some days are …. not my favorite, but other days are the best most joyful, rewarding days ever! the fact that the days pass so quickly is frightening! i feel like i just barely got to this new area, but yet i’m coming up on 6 weeks of being there! its the weirdest. p.s. getting excited to skype in december? the mission is already reminding us that it will only be for 30-45 minutes. haha salamat for the early reminder
  • sorry that my emails are getting so boring! just know that i’m so grateful for the love and support from all of you! sorry if i didn’t get the chance to email you back. if i don’t email back, just email me again because i probably just thought i replied and didn’t! i know the church is true and i’ll do anything for it!
sister brereton

pics // 10.19.15

yeah haven’t had these in a year in a half but managed to finally track some down! #cityperks


happy halloween!


my order from mcdonalds today for lunch. couldn’t decide between the sundae or the mcflurry so i got both #yolo haha


san juanico bridge. the bridge that connects samar and leyte0-1

here’s to you, tower of babel // 10.12.15

wow i really can’t believe how remarkably fast the time goes! here we are suddenly almost 1/2 through october. wow.

this week was so good and so busy! i have so much to say…let’s see if i can get through it all!
  • awesome: the primary choir in general conference. honestly it made my day to see those wiggly kids singing all together! my favorite kid: the one that sneezed half way thru the song! so funny
  • awkward: traveling 4 hours away for exchanges on a bumpy, dusty, dirt road in the jungle. literally the jungle. i half expected to see monkeys flying through the trees. the road is dirt because the real road is still being built…its a new road that is a shortcut to avoid going the long way (6 hours).
  • awkward 2: the struggle is real learning a new language…there are words in cebuano that mean very different things in waray2x. so yeah.. just learning the hard way…this week i thought i was asking her if she was still confused about anything we’d taught her at the conclusion of the lesson, BUT what i accidentally asked her is if she is lusting after anything from our lesson. hahah oops. you just can’t make these things up! salamat tower of babel!
  • in other news, hope you like bald people! jk. but i am starting to lose hair again…despite my best efforts…but its ok. i’m doing everything i can to make it stop, but nothing will stop mother nature’s vindictive fury (name that movie!). its ok though i’m dealing with it much better this time than the first time!
  • our exchanges this week were really good! my companion and i both worked in the other sisters area (since its 4 hours away) and it was really fun. their area is a different dialect of waray2x so i didn’t understand a lot of what the people were saying. but somehow thru the spirit i’m still able to understand the general idea of what they are saying! the gift of tongues is so cool. i’m so grateful for this mission experience to really teach me to rely on the spirit and really strive for it in my life all the time.
  • general conference was the bomb! except that i had the wonderful chance of watching the saturday session in tagalog. salamat tower of babel! yeah…i don’t know tagalog. i actually shed a few tears when we walked into the chapel and realized it was in Tagalog. i was so mad/sad/heartbroken because i had only been looking forward to gen.conf. for the past 6 months! but after lots of prayers, luckily on sunday we were able to hear the talks in english! i also shed a few tears but out of gratitude this time. Heavenly Father is so good to me. anyways. my favorite talk i think is Pres. Nelson’s. talk about girl power! haha the apostles are so inspired.
  • also, does anyone feel like the 2nd coming is soon? i feel like its closer than we think
  • this week I’m ponderizing 2 Nephi 32:9 The power of sincere, continually prayerful heart is really powerful!
  • i LOVE my mission. my close friends in the mission are starting to go home, and i just can’t believe it! it seems like i just got here but yet, if my mission friends are going home soon, it means that i’ll be following soon. its so weird to think about!
  • i’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve. i know i’m a broken record about this, but its really truly how i feel. i never thought that i would enjoy my mission as much as i am. there is so much satisfaction that comes through helping others receive the restored gospel into their lives!
love you all! thanks for the emails! sorry i didn’t get the chance today to email back on all! LOVE YOU!
sister brereton

pics // 10.12.15

tricycling together


my notes/brain dump during saturday conf. in tagalog


ponderize! what is your scripture this week?


ending our exchanges with dinner!


part of our area. i just can’t get over the ocean. you can take the girl out of the desert, but you can’t take the desert out of the girl


on our rooftop!


how is it already october? // 10.5.15

i just feel like it really snuck up on all of us. time is so weird!

hello! kamusta kamo? this was a good week! it was an interesting week and sometimes i didn’t feel like a traditional missionary because we hardly got to teach any lessons this week! this week was full of meetings/trainings/etc! crazy.
  • awesome: getting to attend MLC (missionary leadership council). all of the ZLs and STLs get to council with the Maurers about different issues in the mission, and how we as leaders can help. its a 2 day event. we left our area tuesday after lunch and returned wednesday night. it was super uplifting and inspiring and really made me want to help the sisters under our stewardship. I’m already looking forward to next month’s MLC! its so cool we get to vote on stuff like what rules to put in place, and stuff like that! haha
  • awkward: giving a training for our zone in front of the Maurers and the APs…it turned out fine its just intimidating haha
  • awkward 2: living down the road from a slaughter house…so occasionally studying to the lovely sound of screaming pigs haha 🙂
  • the apartment: to answer your questions….our apt is ok. just ok. but if there is a typhoon we’re absolute toast because the roof is a joke. so pray that there will magically not be any typhoons this rainy season!
  • i’m quickly learning that the life of an stl is just a lot of attending meetings, giving trainings, and a whole lot of not getting to work in our area….which i don’t love. but its ok i’ll do whatever i’m asked to do. this week was just so busy with mlc, then we had ztm and zone interviews, then district conference on saturday and sunday. we only got to teach 7 lessons this week!
  • how was the general women’s broadcast last week? we got to watch it but my heart broke when it started to play in tagalog…i felt the spirit but didn’t understand what they were talking about. cebuano, waray2x, and tagalog are 3 totally different languages…i don’t know tagalog at all! haha
  • so a while back i know i said that they weren’t sending any more americans to the mission! but that turns out to not be true! which is great! i got the chance to talk to a newly arrived american sister over the phone the other day. and talk her down from her crazy. and remind her that she doesn’t really want to go home, even though things are hard at first! i just smiled to myself because she said some things that i remember feeling EXACTLY the same way in those first few months. the culture adjustment really is hard. but it was cool that i got to tell her that she can do it! even if she thinks she can’t. because i’m a living testament that even people who want to home at the beginning because they think they just can’t do it, really can do it. and experience the most happiness, satisfaction, and joy that anyone could ever experience! i love my mission now! love it.
  • wow i have so much more to say but i’m out of time (story of my life!)
  • i love you all so much! i’m hoping that i’ll get to see general conf in english…or else my heart will break 10000x more than it broke when i didn’t understand the women’s broadcast! thank you for your love and support of me! sorry for the lame email. i guess you can tell i’m in the last leg of the mission because my emails are boring now! i have to much to say just not enough time to type it all!
love you all! keep the faith
sister brereton