learning an unwritten language round 2 // 9.28.15

that is my way of saying that i’ve officially been transferred into this new area where i’m learning a totally new language. its called waray-waray. and if you translate that to english, it literally means, nothing-nothing hahah. which is fitting because there are literally no books, no nothing to study from. literally nothing. so yeah!

This week has just been a whirlwind! monday was our cleaning and pday and then tuesday was transfers! monday night i was last minute packing my bags when president maurer called! he asked me if i was ready to leave my area. i told him no, in hopes that he was going to tell me that i could stay! however, instead he asked me i would be willing to transfer to a new area and to become the sister training leader there…so now i’ve been transferred to Catbalogan, Samar. its a waray2x area and i’m once again relying heavily on the gift of tongues. its incredible because somehow i know what the people are saying. and that my friends, is the power of the gift of tongues AND interpretation. i’m excited to be working in this new area! i’m already learning a lot from my new companion, sister asug from bikol. its fun because we are both going home in march so we’ll be reunited again at the end of the mission. she’s so fun and good. i love her! and for the first time in the mission i we have kabalay. like roommates. ok not really but i’m finally assigned in a place with 2 sets of sisters instead of just one set! its fun. here’s this week in a nutshell:
  • awesome: being in the city! catbalogan is officially the biggest place i’ve ever been assigned. its an actual city. not a town or municipal. meaning that it has real stores…#watchoutwallet 🙂
  • awkward: the counselor of the branch presidency singing as part of his talk during sacrament meeting yesterday. i have a feeling that being in this branch will be a real adventure.
  • awkward 2: the electrical in our apartment being totally sketch. like flipping the switch for the light but it doesnt turn on for 5-10 minutes depending on the day. also, using a lantern in the bathroom because the light in the bathroom is like a flashy, sketchy. imagine a horror movie where the bad guy tries to murder someone in the creepy, flashing light of the parking garage. thats about how our bathroom light is. don’t worry i’m talking to our apartment owner tomorrow!
  • awkward 3: me trying to speak waray. and also how much i love cebuano. its hard to leave it behind and start at the beginning of learning to speak a new language!
  • our area is city! which makes me miss the bukid! but its ok. its a good change. the apartment is not the best ever, but its ok! i estimate i’ll be here for about 3 cycles. i’ll probably only have one more area than this! wow the mission goes fast. the apt is small so i have not even unpacked 1/4 of my stuff. haha #livingoutofasuitcase. haha i don’t even care anymore. its amazing how chill i am now. things that used to bug me don’t bug me anymore. its awesome. and such a blessing. if this area was my first area, i would have struggled, but not that i’ve got a little more experience under my belt, i’m better able to roll with the punches!
  • tomorrow we go to tacloban for missionary leadership council. its all the ZLs and STLs of the mission there with pres. and sister maurer. its my first one, should be interesting!
  • ummmm i’m really trying to think of what else to say…sorry for the non uplifting email…this week we haven’t had much of a chance to work because its catabalogan fiesta. which basically means that everyone is loud and partying and drunk or not home haha. but we continue gihapon! i’m grateful to work in this area and do the best i can with the Lord helping all along the way!
  • i know this gospel is true. jesus is the Christ. heavenly father loves us. love you all! thanks for your support!
until next week,
love you all so so so much,
sister brereton

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