the Lord works in mysterious ways // 9.14.15

are we really halfway through september? goodness what is happening.

how are you all? thanks for the emails and the love! sorry i can’t quite get back to all of you in our short email time. but i appreciate your emails and you’re always in my thoughts! this week was good! life is kind of getting monotonous, but its the good kind of monotonous. i’ve been in such a rigid routine here for about 6 months and it will be rough to leave it all behind and readjust when transfer day rolls around next week! transfers are sept 22 and i’ll for sure transfer. i feel it. sister balucos and i are on week 12 of the 12 weeks program. so yeah! she’s scared for me to leave, doesn’t want to lead the area. but she can totally do it! she’ll get to keep working in this great area! as for me…by next week i’ll be able to tell you if i’m transferring for sure. but its basically for sure! i just feel it.
  • awesome: ever since i started training, there just hasn’t been time to write in my journal. its so sad because its days of thoughts, feelings, and miracles that i see that go unrecorded. this week, i was about 1 week behind in my journaling and i prayed that somehow there would be a way that i could somehow have the time to catch my journal up to speed. the lord works in mysterious ways, thats for sure! one night we were out teaching and suddenly the power went out. brown out. common here in the philippines. the rule for us is that if its nighttime and its a brown out we have to go home because its just not safe without lights on. we headed home and i was able to write in my journal! Heavenly father is so mindful of me!
  • awkward: how much i struggle speaking english. i truly can’t speak straight english anymore. i mix cebuano and english like crazy! and i sound weird when i speak english. i pronounce words weird now. haha the struggle is real.
  • we had a really uplifting zone conference this week! about how to use the powerful message of the restoration. it really is a powerful, unique message that we have to share with the world. i love testifying to people that the church of jesus christ that he himself established was lost, but has now been restored to the earth through a prophet of god. how cool is that?!? zone conference was really helpful in increasing my resolve and desire to flood the world even more with this message!
  • we had a really good turn out at church yesterday! its so rewarding to have the people that you taught that week show up to church! especially investigators!
  • this cycle my testimony has really been strengthened about how true it is that members really trust us when they know that we are obedient. we have some members who have literally opened their homes to us because they know that we are obedient and true to the mission rules. they give us referrals, work with us, etc, all because they trust us! so cool. and such a blessing. just one of the many blessings of obedience!
  • i’m out of time. love you all. the church is true! i’m sending lots of pics!

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