i’m transferring // 9.21.15

hello! this is officially the last time i’ll be emailing you from Palompon, Leyte! i was saddened to receive the news yesterday that yes i am truly being transferred. its been an emotional week mentally preparing for transfers. i really love this area. i really love these people. i really love our apt. i really love my companion. i really love everything and i don’t want to transfer, but its time. i feel that feeling of peace and satisfaction that the spirit gave to my last time that i transferred affirming to me that i’ve done all the work that i was meant to do here. i’ve had a really good last week here! today is our pday and cleaning day. i’ve been packing. yucks. you know how i feel about packing. its the worst. i have never been good at traveling light! here’s this week in a nutshell:

  • awesome: that we got to harvest rice! shoutout to you ryan! our recent convert family has rice fields as their livelihood. a while back we weeding in the rice fields, but this week we got to actually harvest! sister balucos and i were jokingly quoting D&C 4 the whole time. we literally thrusted in our sickles with our might! harvesting rice is hard work. it takes so much effort to get enough rice for a sack. who knew!
  • awesome 2: also having a cool CSP finding shells (as in shells with little critters inside that the locals eat) for our investigators! it was really cool and i picked up some cool shells along the way! and a starfish (see pic)
  • awkward: being the crazy desert person scrambling at the beach to pick up cool shells haha. all the pinoys just laughed at me!
  • awkward 2: a drug bust in our area and 16 people were shot. google it. i bet its in the news. but don’t worry we are so safe and fine. i know that we’ll always be so protected when we’re obedient and smart!
  • awkward 3: a less active member telling us he isn’t sure if he can come to church because Jesus Christ might not “allow” him to go to church just quite yet….haha love being a missionary!
  • this week was really awesome. we were in our furthest area and suddenly there was a rain storm! hardcore rain. a lady randomly invited us into her house! she let us use her bathroom, we oymed her and her family, and they fed us! that is the filipino hospitality i’ve always heard about! they’re great future members of the church
  • i love oyming. the power of oym (open your mouth) is so underestimated. we have found some incredible families in this area who are so prepared for the gospel, just because the spirit compels us to talk to these people! i love talking to everyone!
  • well. thats about it. well not really there is always so much to say but there just isn’t enough time to write it all! i am really sad to be transferring but i know its the right thing. i really pray that i will stay in cebuano, but i have a feeling i’ll be in waray waray. i just know that i’ll go wherever heavenly father wants me to go! i’m so grateful to have this opportunity to serve! serving a mission is a true privilege.
  • tomorrow is transfer day. we’ll wake up early to get to tacloban by 10:30am! next time i email, i’ll be in my next area! sad to leave this area and my anak, but also excited to see what new adventure is in store for me!

love you all! thanks for the love and support!

love, sister brereton

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