did you notice you haven’t seen me for 1 year? // 9.7.15

hello everyone! thanks for the emails! i don’t have tons of email time left but i’ll try to do my best to cover it all!

time sure flies by because before you know it your 1 YEAR in the mission. I had my mission birthday this week! extremely uneventful day, but i’m still shocked at the fact that i’m one of the old people in the mission now!!! so weird! i’ve been on my mission for a year now…thats one year of not using a microwave, one year of getting used to smaller portion sizes, one year of breathing in 2nd hand smoke daily, one year of humming i am a child of god to myself anytime i hear a non-church song, one year of wearing a skirt daily, one year of not ever being alone, one year of realizing i went overboard on the amount of pepto bismo i brought with me, one year of boldly declaring that Jesus is The Christ, one year of testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel to random strangers, and one year of feeling the weight of this badge on my chest and realizing i made the best choice i’ve ever made in my whole life to come on a mission! a mission is not easy. but its the most rewarding, most satisfying, most important work i’ve ever been a part of. What an honor, what a privilege it is to spend everyday of my life dedicated to the work of the Lord. so glad that i have 6 more months of this to enjoy!

  • awesome: finding families. we’re finding families!
  • awkward: being a part of the philippines census. they came to our door this week and insisted we be counted. i guess i can always claim now that i was part of the phils population for the year 2015!
  • awkward 2: on the day of my year mark, introducing myself as sister arais…my old companion. i really don’t know what happened. my current companion looked at my like i was insane. i felt insane. i guess its proof that after 1 year in the mission i truly lost my mind!
  • i got the packages! thank you so much diane and grandma! the chocolate came and its not melted AT ALL! its been so fun to introduce my companion to all the american things! thank you so much!
  • we had zone training meeting on friday which was really awesome! i can tell i’m old in the mission now. because i’m one of the people now who is always raising my hand and participating haha something that i used to never do. haha funny how thing change all in just one year!
and thats about all! we’re out of time folks. we just continue to work and work and work! i truly love being a missionary! i’m reaching the point of looking haggard and gross, but we just keep going! its only 18 months to give it everything i’ve got!! i know the church is true! Jesus Christ is our Savior!

read the book of mormon daily! it really is the most correct of any other book on earth! think about that for a minute! so cool!
love you all!
sister brereton
1 // walked down to the seashore which is a 1 min walk from our apt. if theres a tsunami we’re toast haha
2 // ocean! you can take the girl out of utah, but you can’t the utah out of the girl
3 // sis wilde and i are in the same zone!

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