the weirdest week of my mission // 8.31.15

remember how last week i was talking about how the week was SO BORING? well this week was so NOT boring. funny how that works! heres this week in a nutshell!

  • awesome: getting to see sister wilde this week when i was in ormoc for exchanges! she’s assigned there now. and i totally forgot to take a pic.but awesome nonetheless
  • awkward: a crazy man running by us and shining a light in my face. sounds not that crazy or weird. bu i’ll tell you the full version someday!
  • monday: had a great pday. went out to work at night and found a FAMILY! they’re so prepared. i hope and pray that they will progress!
  • tuesday: found ourselves in a bible discussion but not bash with the local Iglesia ni Cristo members who claim that Jesus Christ is not God. So i posed the question, if you say that Jesus Christ is not a God, why is His name the name of your church? they had some nonsensical bible verse to share. all i can say is that i’m grateful that we brought members with us for that lesson who know the bible well! haha i need to learn the bible better! it was cool to boldly testify to them the Jesus is the Christ and to proclaim the truth and divinity of the Book of Mormon. thats one lesson i’ll never forget!
  • wednesday: our STLs surprised us by randomly showing up at our apartment in the morning! for surprise exchanges! i got to work in ormoc (thats why i saw sister wilde!) which was awesome because for the past 2 cycle when we have exchanges i have worked in our area. which is great. but its nice to have a change of scene for a day! i worked with sis.papasin. shes awesome, from manila and we talked about how we miss shopping. and we forgot to take a pic together ooops.
  • thursday: traveled back from ormoc and ate donuts during our weekly planning!
  • friday: attended a viewing for a baby in the branch that died. super sad. but grateful for the plan of salvation!
  • saturday: attended another viewing at the home of our recent converts. their uncle who was old and died of TB. so yeah now i’ve been exposed to TB haha awesome. don’t worry i’m paranoid so i’ve got it under control!
so yeah that pretty much sums it up! it was a really fast week! the weeks just go faster and every week i get a little more intense as a missionary. a little more bold, a little bit more frustrated for the people who won’t keep commitments, a little more understanding of the BoM prophets/missionaries who literally just cried repentance to the people all day! i’m getting to a point where i just want to literally cry, “oh repent ye inhabitants of the earth! or else..” from the balcony of our apartment hahaa. i love being a missionary. its really hard. but its really rewarding. and there is no other work that is better than this is. pray for us here in the philippines as we continue to help establish the church here! its a great and marvelous work and nothing can stop it from progressing!
i love you all and i’m grateful for your love and support of me! i will probably be transferring the end of sept. so pray for me that i’m patient, loving, and successful in these last few weeks training! my anak is doing great. she’s totally ready to lead the area once i transfer! i’m grateful to have the opportunity to train. its stretching. and motivating. and wonderful. i’m learning so much everyday! i know that this gospel is true, the book of mormon is true, jesus is THE christ, joseph smith was called of God to restore the church here in the latter days, and we are led today by Thomas S. Monson because our loving Heavenly Father wants us to be guided in these great and last days here on the earth!
faithful partake of the sacrament. let it be a sanctifying experience. hold fhe. go to the temple.
sister brereton
1 // our district (the only american once again haha)
2 // phils bbq
3 // lucky charms (thanks mom!)
4 // proof that the world has moved on without me: there are new lucky charms i don’t recognize

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