I never knew the sun could be this hot // 8.24.15

but hey isn’t that one of the joys of living on the equator? its supposed to start raining all the time since its rainy season…but its not happening yet? its just incredibly hot and windy all the time. not what i expected of the ‘ppines. i expected hot and wet rain all the time. haha but it seems more like the weather of africa lately! anyways! i’m used to the weather. not a day goes by that i don’t sweat and believe it or not that is normal to me now! and i love it

this week was so fast! i don’t even know what really happened:
  • awesome: getting my awesome automatic umbrella that broke, fixed for 30 pesos. thats less than an american dollar people. is that awesome or is that awesome?
  • awkward: the filipino elders asking me, “sister what happened to your face?” when my face breaks out. haha love the boldness/bluntness of the filipino culture haha
  • big news alert: i experienced an earthquake! it was super tiny. i was writing in my journal just before bed and felt a little movement. my comp didn’t even feel it. it was that small. but hey, an earthquake nonetheless!
  • we had zone conference on friday! which was really great. the maurers are super inspired. the training was about how we can become better teachers. teaching is something that i’m always striving to improve. its hard teaching not in your native language. i’m grateful for the training and for the things that we learned! as my companion and i have been seeking to incorporate the things that we learned, we’re seeing differences in our investigators lives.
  • establishing the church is hard! that’s what we’re doing here in the ‘ppines. the church is still in its beginning stages here and it makes me grateful to come from a place where the church is so well established!
  • please pray for our investigators, recent converts, and less actives. the adversary seems to be working hard on them (and us) these days. but we just keep going! nothing can stop this work from progressing! its a great and a marvelous work and i love it! even on the days that are rough!
  • sorry that this is the most boring email to date! we just work and work and work and nothing too crazy has been happening lately! i guess its clear to tell that i’m reaching the time of my mission when the emails get boring haha.
  • but know this. the gospel is true. jesus christ is our savior. the atonement is oh so real. the enabling power of the atonement is real. the holy ghost is our guide. the sacrament is incredibly amazing if we let it be. joseph smith restored christ’s church. the power of the priesthood can cause miracles. strong faith can cause miracles. the book of mormon IS the most correct of any book on earth. and this gospel has the ability to change lives better than anything else in this whole world! i know this church is true and i love it more than anything else in this whole world!
love you all! thank you for the love and support!
sister brereton
1 // i ate durian fruit! its the most famous fruit of the phils
2 // our cute member that works with us but moved to manila now
3 // seeing my beloved sister mortensen at zone conf!
4 // my batch at zone conf! plus my comp (so i’m not a lone sis in the pic haha) so so fun to see them and reminisce about the MTC!

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