work, work, work that is the secret // 8.17.15

it feels like just yesterday i was sitting here sweating in a random internet cafe on a sketchy computer to email you all and say hello! haha. but really time is so fast.

and i’ve reached that point in a missionary’s life where the emails start to get BORING. sorry. i’ll try my best haha
  • awesome: teaching the kids of a less active family the plan of salvation and posing the question, “why do you think adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit?” the 10 y.o.’s response, “they were probably just starving and just went for it” hahaha
  • awesome 2: retail therapy is VERY REAL. last monday we went to ormoc for pday, where there is an actual mall. stepping inside the air conditioned, commercialized, shopping center was like coming home. my stress level literally decreased just from walking inside haha. oh how i’ve missed shopping. i’ve been in the bukid too long hahaha. on the bright side, i’m saving loads of money and maintaining plenty of open space in my suitcases by not being assigned in the city haha
  • awkward: that i will probably come home whiter than when i left. despite the fast that exposed to sunlight like all day long. all of the soaps, lotions, etc here have whitening properties in them. everyone here wants to be white. in america everyone wants to be tan! the grass is always greener on the other side. or should i say the skin is always better on the other side of the globe. ok ok bad joke i know
  • this week has been really good! i’m trying to teach my companion everything i can before our time together ends! its been a privilege to train! we’re on week 8 of the 12 weeks program. after i finish training sister balucos i’ll for sure transfer to my 3rd area! and i’ve got a feeling that it will be waray waray. but sige lang. i’ve loved my time in cebuano. and i’m loving life in this area. i don’t want to leave. we’re working to find lots of new progressing investigators. have some good potentials this week. i’m just grateful to be led by the spirit in all that we do. its the only way to survive in this work! im getting to be a crazy bold missionary. bold, but not overbearing. especially when it comes to less actives “not having time” to come to church because they need to work to make ends meet #seekyefirst #3nephi13
  • ummm what else. we have a specialized training this friday about becoming better teachers so that will be good! other than that just working working working here! i think this is the shortest email i’ve ever sent home…just not a super eventful week. which is so good because we just got to focus on the work! which I LOVE.
  • well. i’ll wrap this baby up. thank you all for your support of me! i couldn’t do this if there weren’t for your support. can’t believe i’m approaching the year mark. it literally feels like just yesterday i was crying about how scary my mission call was haha. i know this gospel is true. its the only thing that can true change the behavior of people. i know jesus christ is our savior and the enabling power of the atonement is REAL.
eat a real american hamburger and go to the temple for me,
sister brereton
1 // food spotlight: exotic fruit
2 // cat holding on for dear life
3 // from the rooftop of our less actives mansion haha
4 // sister brereton holds a baby goat round 2

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