the miracles of exact obedience // 8.10.15

i literally feel like i was just emailing…the time goes so fast!!!! and speaking of the time going fast i’m almost out of email time already so i’ll get right to it

  • awesome: having a family baptism this week! its literally just a harvest for me and my companion. they were the elders invs before the elders got emergency transferred. i love them so much though and i’m grateful to be a part of their conversion process! they’re so awesome!
  • awesome 2: being so paranoid before the mission that i brought eye drops for pink eye….and now i’m grateful because i used it this week! everyone and their dog has pink eyes right now, its called “sore eyes” here. and i felt it coming on so i used the drops and BOOM gone now. all thanks to my paranoia. and don’t worry mom and dad i’m faithfully changing my contacts every month and being super cautious with my eyes don’t worry
  • awkward: its so windy here. it feels like i’m in lehi utah haha. just kidding, but seriously its so so so windy here lately. let me just paint you a picture in my broken english haha. wind. flowy skirts. in the wind. catch my drift? thank goodness i always wear a slip!
  • myth buster of the week: here’s an old wives tale i heart this week…seizures come from not spitting out all of your toothpaste when you brush your teeth and that seizures are contagious. oh you know how me and my highly logical, anatomically oriented self loves to here this stuff haha
  • i want to testify of the truthfulness of exact obedience. i’ve really stepped up my game in the past few weeks. i’ve always been obedient, but not exact. like did i always exercise for exactly 30 minutes every morning like the handbook says? no maybe more like 20. but i’ve since repenting of all my little “disobediences” and my companion and i are really seeing the miracles that come from our sacrifices. we had a really good training this week too about obedience,because outright disobedience is a problem in our mission…lots of getting sent home apparently. but i really testify of the miracles that come from our obedience. heavenly father sees our sacrifice and our faith and willingness to obey and rewards us openly. this isn’t just for missionaries but for everyone in the whole wide world! this week the miracles we’ve seen are: people welcoming us in to teach them all of of a sudden, the timing we need to work out, work out, baptisms, great investigators, and blessings kaayo! i’m so grateful!
  • can you believe that i’m sort of out of things to say??? my companion and i just work hard everyday. we’re halfway through her training now and she’s doing great. still adjusting to mission life and my walking pace haha. she’s exhausted out of her mind at the end of the day. but its all part of the process of adjusting! i realized that after this current cycle (the cycle in which i hit my year mark..weird) i only have 4 cycles left. which is really sad to think about! i hope i can become the type of person that heavenly father wants me to become in those 4 cycles. of course perfection is a process and i’ll be on an endless journey to that for the rest of my life. but still. its crazy to think that i don’t have endless time here on the mission. it motivates me to work harder, walk faster, teach better, and overall be a better advocate and messenger of the truth to the people here in our mission. i know that through exact obedience this can be achieved. that’s something that i’m really trying to drive home to my anak..that with faith and obedience here in the mission we really do see those miracles flow! i’m so grateful to have this opportunity to serve, to speak the cebuano language, to spend day after day sweating, to feel the spirit work through us, to really invite others to come unto christ and to see the changes, peace, and blessings that true faith and acceptance of the gospel of jesus christ brings into peoples lives. missionary work is just so fun! its hard but its fun too. it brings a kind of satisfaction that i’ve never felt in my entire life. thats why everyone always treasures their mission experience. its because its such a short time but such a wonderful rush too.
  • i laughed out loud at the pic that you all sent me crossing out my month marks. hahhaha. don’t be trunky for me! i’ll be home soon enough!
  • i know that this gospel is true. its the only thing that can truly bring peace and joy into our lives. go to the temple. have weekly fhe. keep the sabbath day holy.
sister brereton
1 // me and my comp!
2 // food spotlight of the week: fried fish
3 // food spotlight of the week 2: ube ice cream
4 // can’t believe how trunky my family is for me hahaha

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