i’m sending a lot of pictures // 8/3/15

hello to everyone! thanks for the emails and love. i love you all so much!

this week was good! i can’t really think of what happened to be honest, but i’ll do my best.
  • awesome: having interviews with president. he’s just so great and down to earth. he’s like a dad that you can just sit and chat with. its really awesome. he is so good to us too! after the other missionaries left after the interviews, he and sister maurer took sister balucos and i to lunch! i sure do love the maurers
  • awesome #2: at interviews sister maurer does a little health evaluation of us. to everyone who thinks that i’ve gained/lost weight on the mission…nope. i’m 0.5 kilos different from my beginning weight in the mission. i’m attributing that 0.5 addition to muscle. so basically i’m the same weight now as i when i got to the field. JUST LIKE I THOUGHT! haha
  • awkward: having to tell a LA that we visit that no they should not use gasoline as “ointment” to rub on arms and chest to make their cough go away….yep true story
  • awkward #2: people to continue to ask if my eyes, hair, teeth, etc are real. yes my eyes are really blue. yes this is my real hair color. yes my hair is naturally wavy. yes these are my true teeth haha. i guess i better enjoy this now because when i go back to america no one will care that i have blue eyes haha!
  • what else happened this week…? only got one lesson on thursday because we had weekly planning and then helped the andersons (the sr couple who works in the mission office) clean out the palompon elders apartment! let me just say that its really just 100% true that the elders live in filth haha. i’ve always heard the stereotypes about elders apartments and this apartment sure confirmed the stereotypes! haha. we moved a lot of their supplies, mattresses, bed frames, etc. to our apartment until the time that elders get put back into palompon. president maurer says that day is far away because the #s of missionaries are waaaay down right now.
  • i ate balut again and its actually pretty good. the one i tried the first time wasn’t so delish. later we found out that it was leftover from the day before. but if fresh its good. sorry to all the ducks out there. i promised myself i’d never eat balut but yet here i find myself….
  • i love this work! its really hard. but i love it. its hard to be training and to have an area that is so insanely huge. its really sad because there are so many people that we just don’t have time to teach. but i know that the Lord will continue to put us in the path of those who He has prepared. but I know that if we’re obedient and seeking for the spirit to guide us in everything that we do, we’ll succeed in this work! because its not our work, its HIS. somedays of the mission are really rough. like i just want to close my eyes and have it all go away. but other days are so insanely rewarding that the thought of going home makes me cry because i never want to leave this silly country. I LOVE MY MISSION!
  • i’ve been praying and fasting to have the gift of tongues even more in my life. now that i can communicate well in this language, i really want to MASTER it. i may only have 6 weeks more to master it, if i get transferred to waray2x. but i would love your extra prayers in my behalf so that i can be a more powerful and eloquent speaker to be a more powerful and effective instrument in the Lord’s hands. i feel your fasting and prayers on my behalf everyday and i’m so grateful for your support of me. thank you!
  • and i’m out of time. love you all so much! til next week….
love, sister brereton
1 // cute sister balucos
2 // baby chicks!
3 // yessss weekly planning snacks
4 // riding in the andersons van

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