the rice and the tares // 7.27.15

HELLO! how are you all? i love you more and more with each passing day! cheesy much? yep, i’m getting cheesier and more emotional everyday haha.

how is everything at home? sounds about normal and thats always good to hear! this week for us was really good! i was thinking that not that much happened but then when i went back to look at pics from the week, i realized we had some cool things going on! life continues to be great here in palompon. despite the fact that our area is so insanely huge that there are some parts we’ll never be able to go to, its super awesome. we have some really good investigators and i feel blessed to have a wonderful native speaker companion, and a good area to work in! i sure do love this work!
  • awesome: (copied from my email to pres.maurer) I had a neat experience this week. One that I will never forget! We were on the way home one night and a man stopped us, explaining that he was taught by the missionaries in Manila, but didn’t continue. He asked if he could return his Aklat ni Mormon to us. I told him if he was sure he wanted to that I guess he could sometime when we passed by again. He said ok, and we went on our way home. A few nights later we saw the same man. This time he was ready to give the Aklat ni Mormon to us. As he handed it to me I asked him if he was sure he wanted to give it away. I held it up in my hand, facing him and said, “Brother, are you sure? I testify to you that this book is the most correct book on earth. Are you sure you want to give it back?” The Spirit testified boldly as well, and he took the Book of Mormon back. I love being a missionary and getting the chance to testify boldly with the power and authority of our calling!
  • awkward: running out of rice. on saturday we forgot we were low on rice. soooooo on sunday we realized we were out! the problem: its sunday. the other problem: i am filipina now and i don’t know what else to eat. so we just ate random stuff out of the fridge. i was trying to think of american food to make, but just came up dry. all i wanted was rice hahaha. #filipinanow
  • awkward #2: two different moms implying i should marry their sons after i finish my mission. haha. you just can’t make this stuff up
  • had an awesome CSP this week! our investigators have rice fields! so we literally weeded the rice fields! pics attached. disclaimer: yes i’m wearing a cardigan. long sleeves are a must for the rice fields. fun fact: the second time ever i’ve worn long sleeves in this country hahaha
  • the APs called at 10pm one night, inviting us to a training meeting the next morning in Carigara. guess who is assigned in carigara? yep you guessed it. sister malu and sister wilde! got to see my batches for a quick minute and it was SO FUN! they’re doing good. sister wilde is training too
  • speaking of training. its going good! i feel blessed with an increase in ability to do things that is SO NOT ME. salamat sa Holy Ghost. seriously the spirit has really quickened me to understand the language better, learn it faster, not be confounded before men, know how to resolve concerns of investigators, and way more! i am so blessed, its impossible to do this work without the spirit!
  • my cute comp is the best. sister balucos from southern phils. her family is all members. used to be less active but they are sealed and active now! she is really awesome and is starting to open up more! she just wants to be a good missionary. its an honor to get to train her! its more like she’s training me!
  • well. i’m out of time. there is so much i don’t get the chance to say in these emails! just know that i’m the happiest i’ve ever been. i’m loving being a missionary!!!!!
thanks for all the love and support!!!!!! til next week…
love, sister brereton
1 // working in the fields
2 // my comp without her retainer. yep.
3 // the besssst sunsets
4 // harvesting the rice! haha jk no harvesting yet

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