email time flies by! // 7.13.15

but it really really does. looks like you all had fun at bear lake and rodeo and all of that good stuff! sad i’m not there but i’m happy i’m here instead. this week was a busy one so i’lll try to cover it all and send pics too!

  • awesome: the spirit truly quickening me in every aspect: mind, body, spirit. i feel like i’m becoming the consecrated missionary i’ve always sought to be. my mind is so centered on the work and helping my companion to learn and grow and have a good experience in the mission that i have truly forgotten myself. its awesome.
  • awkward: buying 5 gallon jugs of water to drink because our water filter just isn’t cutting it. there are literally worm/parasites in our water. haha so i showered with little worms but hey at least i’m not drinking them! i tried to take a pic but it didn’t really turn out sorry haha. everytime i get water from the water jug thing i think of the office haha
  • monday we traveled to tacloban and had lunch at the mission home and had fun activities all afternoon! then at night they showed us meet the mormons but i just say by sister malu and we literally whispered in the back to each other updating one another on everything thats been going on since we stopped being companions! it was awesome! i love her to death.
  • tuesday we had trainings and meetings followed by transfer announcements! i got my anak (child!) she is from mindinao and is a native cebuano speaker! Sister Balucos (baloo-cose is how its pronounced) she is 19 y.o. but turns 20 tomorrow! she is really cute and really excited to work hard which is GOOD!
  • you may be wondering how training is going? ITS GOING GREAT! i’m so lucky to receive so much help from the spirit. seriously. i really thought that president maurer would put other missionaries in here with us in palompon but NOPE. its just us! its me leading my anak thorough a HUGE area! we’re basically whitewashing the elders area and i’m training. so its not easy. but the Lord is so merciful and i’ve been blessed with an abundance of spirit
  • my anak is seriously so worn out at the end of the day. haha i love it. one night she like collapsed dramatically because she thinks i walk SO FAST. its funny because i actually have slowed down my walk for her! until she adjusts! i’m really trying to be a kind, loving trainer, and to her Sister Balucos the kind of 12 weeks that i never had (meaning i am trying to make sure she is not miserable and that she is happy and not homesick) i randomly have flashbacks to my 12 weeks with my nanay and i basically have PTSD haha. my 12 weeks was NOT GOOD. so i’m trying to make hers the best 12 weeks ever!
  • its funny because i literally feel like a mom to her. cleaning up after her, trying to shelter her from the mission gossip, etc. i crack myself up sometimes with how motherly i’ve gotten in the past week haha!
  • i’m out of time. but just know that I know that this gospel is true! i LOVE my mission. i can 100% say that i love it with all my heart, might, mind and strength. i’m giving it all that i’ve got! at the end of the day i have nothing left to give! i want to wear myself out doing this work because i only have 8ish more months to do it and somehow that just doesn’t seem long enough!!!!!!!!!!!! yep. and coming from the extremely germaphobe, homesick, shopaholic person i once was, i never thought i’d hear myself say that. but the mission has really changed me. but i still do love to shop haha that hasn’t changed 🙂
  • this church is true and i love declaring that day in and day out! what a marvelous work it is!
until next week!
i love you all!
sister brereton
1 // one of my favorite families here (yes i look like a giant)
2 // mission activity!
3 // mission activity service project stamping books
4 // party in the mission home haha

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