Hello!! //6.29.15

thanks for all the emails full of news and love! i love you all! sorry if i wasn’t able to get back to you this week! the email time goes by so insanely fast. this week was a good one! i can’t think of what even happened because the weeks just fly by. transfers were extending by one week. so next monday we have a mission conference (so excited because there are people from my batch i haven’t seen since we got to the field. and i’ll get to see sis malu!) and then training and transfers on tuesday. i’m hoping and praying that i don’t get transferred. my companion for sure will get transferred because this is her 1st area still..6 months here. i’ve only been here since april so if they transfer me it means this HUGE area will be whitewashed which would be really not good for the branch. so i’m praying that they keep me here!
  • awesome: falling into the common missionary pit fall of having 6 outfits that i literally wear over and over and over. i prioritize comfort over anything else haha. i love that its socially acceptable here to be an repeat outfit offender!
  • awkward: mosquitoes in the shower. need i say more?
  • awkward #2: visiting a less active member who was telling us about a broadcast she saw a few years ago. we asked her is she remembered who spoke and she said, “umm he had white hair. joseph smith i think? oh wait…no not him. at least i dont think so..” haha one of those moments that i just really have to keep it together until after the lesson haha.
  • what i emailed president this week: This week I’ve really been striving to improve my teaching skills. Now that my language is better, I focus more on my pattern of teaching and testifying, rather than the actual words I use. I love working with different companions because from each one I learn a different style of teaching. I’ve incorporated many of the techniques I’ve heard and seen from other missionaries, but now as I’m trying to improve my teaching skills, I’ve been studying the methods of teaching of the Savior. Who better to look to for an example? He is our exemplar. As missionaries, we’re His representatives. So it seems natural that He is the one we should study. As I’ve been studying Jesus the Christ, my testimony of the Savior has really deepened. I’m trying to more fully follow Him. And as I’ve been studying Him, His life, His ministry, everything in my life is put into perspective and improved teaching is coming as the byproduct of studying HIM.
  • random question: dad this one goes out to you since you know that handbook back and forth. is there any rule that says that after the sacrament meeting the congregation should wait to stand up until the bishopric stands up?
  • mom have you been able to find cebuano ctr rings? also have you ever seen little pins like tie tacks that look like the book of mormon? there are cebuano ones of those too that are cool
  • we had stake conference yesterday and it was really awesome. all about sabbath day observance. its something we can all work on. do we keep the sabbath Christ centered? do we get distracted by worldly things? do we make it a holy day? its the Lords day and really a blessing to us if we let it be. i’m grateful for my parents for always being good examples of this. i’m grateful for my parents not letting us do homework on sunday. one simple way of helping us to be unspotted from the world.
  • i’m learning so much everyday, and one of the biggest things i’ve learned here on the mission is difficulty of establishing the church, and how the best gift that parents can give their children is the opportunity of growing up in the gospel, with parents who understand the gospel plan and are sealed in the temple
  • ok i’m running out of time! but know that i love you all and am so grateful for your support of me! i’m grateful for this mission and the learning opportunity it is. its literally irreplaceable.
sorry i’m out of time!!!!! love you all!
love, sister brereton

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