Happy Father’s Day! // 6.22.15

WOW the time goes so fast! i can’t believe june is almost over! i just want to start this email with a shoutout to my hard working, flashlight collecting DAD! happy father’s day! i sure do love you! the mission has really driven home to me the importance of the priesthood. i’m grateful to have worthy priesthood holders in our home (shoutout to ryan and adam too!)

but seriously. a big shoutout to my DAD. who has always been a worthy priesthood holder, never shirked or shrunk from a responsibility, shows unconditional love, service, and self-sacrifice for our family, gives up his own self interests for the interests of our family, and who is one of the most kind and loving people i know!
which gets me thinking…if this is how awesome my earthly father is, how much more our Heavenly Father! watch this, my favorite mormon message too bad we don’t get to skype on fathers day too!
  • awesome: that its been raining! meaning that my forehead can take a quick vacation from dripping sweat into my eyes! haha. i’d so rather be wet from the rain than from my own sweat haha!
  • awkward: running out of gas for our stove…(don’t worry its refilled now)…but in the meantime getting inventive and making scrambled eggs in the rice cooker. see attached picture haha. it totally was a success!
  • awkward #2: getting hardcore rejected again OYMing. this time by a lady who’s had a stroke, and can’t speak. so instead of telling us she wasn’t interested in our message, when we introduced herself she waved us away and screamed haha. you just can’t make this stuff up! luckily, the sting of rejection lasts just a minute, and then we’re back at OYMing again!
  • i really love seafood. and every time we are given seafood, eat it, etc. i just get so excited. i will never not be excited about seafood. because at the end of the day i’m from a landlocked desert. you can take the girl out of the desert, but you can’t take the desert out of the girl!
  • this week has been really good! we took on the elders area, and I LOVE IT. its kinda bukid. and surprisingly i love it! ironic though. because before the mission my biggest fear was to be in the bukid. and now all i want is to be in the bukid! now we are getting fed too! because now we can go to members houses in the elders area (now are area!) that we were not allowed to go to before. can’t cross areas, but now its all our area!
  • the good news is that my companion and i get one more week together! transfers are delayed one week because of fiesta in tacloban! so my companion and i get to be together an extra week! and you know i’m gonna make her celebrate the 4th of july with me hardcore haha! i love her! we’re so happy!
  • i’m so grateful to be serving a mission. some days its really rough. you just feel like everything you do isn’t good enough. but other days you experience the most incomprehensible joy. its such a rewarding work. it wouldn’t be rewarding without the opposition though. makes those good days so much better! all of my fears that i had before the mission are gone. my every day crying sessions starting the time i received my call were totally unjustified! haha. i love it all! and i think that i’m gonna need to eat rice everyday even once i go home
  • sorry for the short email! i’m attaching pics! just know that this gospel is true!!!!!! study the scrips. actually study. even if its just a verse. pray earnestly. have family home evening faithfully every week. go to the temple. I LOVE YOU ALL!
love your sister trying to help build zion haha,
sister brereton

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