the rice and the tares // 7.27.15

HELLO! how are you all? i love you more and more with each passing day! cheesy much? yep, i’m getting cheesier and more emotional everyday haha.

how is everything at home? sounds about normal and thats always good to hear! this week for us was really good! i was thinking that not that much happened but then when i went back to look at pics from the week, i realized we had some cool things going on! life continues to be great here in palompon. despite the fact that our area is so insanely huge that there are some parts we’ll never be able to go to, its super awesome. we have some really good investigators and i feel blessed to have a wonderful native speaker companion, and a good area to work in! i sure do love this work!
  • awesome: (copied from my email to pres.maurer) I had a neat experience this week. One that I will never forget! We were on the way home one night and a man stopped us, explaining that he was taught by the missionaries in Manila, but didn’t continue. He asked if he could return his Aklat ni Mormon to us. I told him if he was sure he wanted to that I guess he could sometime when we passed by again. He said ok, and we went on our way home. A few nights later we saw the same man. This time he was ready to give the Aklat ni Mormon to us. As he handed it to me I asked him if he was sure he wanted to give it away. I held it up in my hand, facing him and said, “Brother, are you sure? I testify to you that this book is the most correct book on earth. Are you sure you want to give it back?” The Spirit testified boldly as well, and he took the Book of Mormon back. I love being a missionary and getting the chance to testify boldly with the power and authority of our calling!
  • awkward: running out of rice. on saturday we forgot we were low on rice. soooooo on sunday we realized we were out! the problem: its sunday. the other problem: i am filipina now and i don’t know what else to eat. so we just ate random stuff out of the fridge. i was trying to think of american food to make, but just came up dry. all i wanted was rice hahaha. #filipinanow
  • awkward #2: two different moms implying i should marry their sons after i finish my mission. haha. you just can’t make this stuff up
  • had an awesome CSP this week! our investigators have rice fields! so we literally weeded the rice fields! pics attached. disclaimer: yes i’m wearing a cardigan. long sleeves are a must for the rice fields. fun fact: the second time ever i’ve worn long sleeves in this country hahaha
  • the APs called at 10pm one night, inviting us to a training meeting the next morning in Carigara. guess who is assigned in carigara? yep you guessed it. sister malu and sister wilde! got to see my batches for a quick minute and it was SO FUN! they’re doing good. sister wilde is training too
  • speaking of training. its going good! i feel blessed with an increase in ability to do things that is SO NOT ME. salamat sa Holy Ghost. seriously the spirit has really quickened me to understand the language better, learn it faster, not be confounded before men, know how to resolve concerns of investigators, and way more! i am so blessed, its impossible to do this work without the spirit!
  • my cute comp is the best. sister balucos from southern phils. her family is all members. used to be less active but they are sealed and active now! she is really awesome and is starting to open up more! she just wants to be a good missionary. its an honor to get to train her! its more like she’s training me!
  • well. i’m out of time. there is so much i don’t get the chance to say in these emails! just know that i’m the happiest i’ve ever been. i’m loving being a missionary!!!!!
thanks for all the love and support!!!!!! til next week…
love, sister brereton
1 // working in the fields
2 // my comp without her retainer. yep.
3 // the besssst sunsets
4 // harvesting the rice! haha jk no harvesting yet

pics // 7.27.15

1 // the goat whisperer


2 // my BATCHES!


3 // FUN


4 // riding the bus home


1 // caribou


2 // basketball court in the bukid haha


3 // cool sunset #2


4 // selfie with a goat!


1 // in the bukid


2 // on a tricycle/choppy


3 // our lunch today


4 // my hair these days. crazy wavy.


rats are NOT cute // 7.20.15

Hello! how are you all? so happy to read emails from you all and hear that life is treating you all so well!!! this week was good! the weeks seriously go by so fast and i just don’t understand time anymore. like everyday is so long, yet so fast. every week goes fast, but slow too. but then suddenly i find myself hitting another month in the mission and its just to fast to even keep track of. its the weirdest!!!! basta! here is this week in a nutshell.

  • awesome: going on exchanges. and i was companions with an american! considering there are only 8 american sisters our WHOLE mission this was a rare privilege! sister allen (from ogden) and i had a BLAST! nothing really shocks these people as much as seeing 2 tall american girls strutting around their town haha. we had fun reminiscing about frozen yogurt, snow, driving in cars, real hamburgers, and using english vocabulary that we almost forgot we had because we really simplify our english for the cute filipinos haha. and we made mashed potatoes for dinner with the gravy mix you sent mom! and put the bacon bits IN the mashed potatoes. I was in heaven. IT WAS AWESOME.
  • awkward: animal adventures! 1- hearing a rustling sound from the back of our apartment where we do our laba and looking out to see a rat searching through our garbage! he came out of the drain to pay his visit. let me just say that ratatouille is literally disney’s biggest lie. also so is wall-e. who is their right mind keeps a cockroach as a pet?? way to brainwash the children, disney! haha. but seriously now that i have experienced these creatures first hand i just don’t think i can ever watch those 2 movies ever again! 2- the day after the rat. i just finished showering and was going upstairs to get dressed, when i heard a sound. somehow a bird found a way to fly into our apartment! there is a hilarious video on my camera to show for it! very candid haha. we finally got it to fly out the window, but not before it decided to deposit a gift of bird poop on my BED. you just can’t make these things up!!!! once again this proves that disney is a lie! did this bird help me make my bed or pick out my clothes for the day like Cinderella has led me to believe? NOPE. it just pooped on my bed and then flew for the hills! haha. you’ll laugh at my video diaries about these things when i go home 🙂 its pretty hilarious
  • training is going really great! i’m really blessed to have a great anak who is humble, teachable, hard working, obedient, and who really wants to be a good missionary! she still complains that i walk to fast and literally passes out on the floor in a dramatic fashion when we get home every night, but she’ll get there! it takes a good bit at the beginning of the mish to get used to the hard walking and non stop working! i love this work and feel really lucky and blessed to get to train her! in more ways than one i feel like its really her that’s training me!
  • what else? life is just really great. i know i always emphasize the funny or interesting things that happened in my weekly emails. i hope it doesnt’ take away from the real stuff that is going on here in my life. everyday we are working all day every day to find those that the Lord has prepared. i really testify that the Lord will put people into our path when he TRUSTS us. trust is so important. what do we do that shows the Lord that we trust in Him and that He in return can trust us? I testify that as we are doing ALL that we can do (keeping the commandments, resisting temptations, striving for the spirit in our life) He will give us opportunities to draw closer to Him. We have to take those opportunities. because those opportunities will help mold us into the kind of people He needs us to be so that we can continue helping Him in this great work!
  • I LOVE MY MISSION. i give it every ounce of thought, energy, effort, everything. if you had told me 1 year ago (when i was still preparing for my mission) that i would love it as much as i do, i wouldn’t have believed you. i remember one night, driving home from SLC, and i literally had a panic attack and going on a crying jag for the whole drive. I 100% thought i couldn’t do this. i 100% did not want to go. I 100% thought that every minute of the mission would be a miserable nightmare. But the Lord is so good to be me in showing me that this is HIS work. I think the test of my faith was before my mission, not so much now here on the mission. I am so blessed. I see HIs hand everyday. I feel His love every minute. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!
thank you for your love and support of me! don’t forget whats important! scrips, prayer, fhe, temple! fast monthly to see miracle and receive strength! The church is true!
sister brereton
1 // our new district #theonlyamericanonceagain
2 // mashed potatoes and gravy. looks gross from the pic but it tasted like heaven #america
3 // sister balucos and i. we had lunch with the STLs after exchanges!
4 // bought her a cake for her bday! she’s 20 now

email time flies by! // 7.13.15

but it really really does. looks like you all had fun at bear lake and rodeo and all of that good stuff! sad i’m not there but i’m happy i’m here instead. this week was a busy one so i’lll try to cover it all and send pics too!

  • awesome: the spirit truly quickening me in every aspect: mind, body, spirit. i feel like i’m becoming the consecrated missionary i’ve always sought to be. my mind is so centered on the work and helping my companion to learn and grow and have a good experience in the mission that i have truly forgotten myself. its awesome.
  • awkward: buying 5 gallon jugs of water to drink because our water filter just isn’t cutting it. there are literally worm/parasites in our water. haha so i showered with little worms but hey at least i’m not drinking them! i tried to take a pic but it didn’t really turn out sorry haha. everytime i get water from the water jug thing i think of the office haha
  • monday we traveled to tacloban and had lunch at the mission home and had fun activities all afternoon! then at night they showed us meet the mormons but i just say by sister malu and we literally whispered in the back to each other updating one another on everything thats been going on since we stopped being companions! it was awesome! i love her to death.
  • tuesday we had trainings and meetings followed by transfer announcements! i got my anak (child!) she is from mindinao and is a native cebuano speaker! Sister Balucos (baloo-cose is how its pronounced) she is 19 y.o. but turns 20 tomorrow! she is really cute and really excited to work hard which is GOOD!
  • you may be wondering how training is going? ITS GOING GREAT! i’m so lucky to receive so much help from the spirit. seriously. i really thought that president maurer would put other missionaries in here with us in palompon but NOPE. its just us! its me leading my anak thorough a HUGE area! we’re basically whitewashing the elders area and i’m training. so its not easy. but the Lord is so merciful and i’ve been blessed with an abundance of spirit
  • my anak is seriously so worn out at the end of the day. haha i love it. one night she like collapsed dramatically because she thinks i walk SO FAST. its funny because i actually have slowed down my walk for her! until she adjusts! i’m really trying to be a kind, loving trainer, and to her Sister Balucos the kind of 12 weeks that i never had (meaning i am trying to make sure she is not miserable and that she is happy and not homesick) i randomly have flashbacks to my 12 weeks with my nanay and i basically have PTSD haha. my 12 weeks was NOT GOOD. so i’m trying to make hers the best 12 weeks ever!
  • its funny because i literally feel like a mom to her. cleaning up after her, trying to shelter her from the mission gossip, etc. i crack myself up sometimes with how motherly i’ve gotten in the past week haha!
  • i’m out of time. but just know that I know that this gospel is true! i LOVE my mission. i can 100% say that i love it with all my heart, might, mind and strength. i’m giving it all that i’ve got! at the end of the day i have nothing left to give! i want to wear myself out doing this work because i only have 8ish more months to do it and somehow that just doesn’t seem long enough!!!!!!!!!!!! yep. and coming from the extremely germaphobe, homesick, shopaholic person i once was, i never thought i’d hear myself say that. but the mission has really changed me. but i still do love to shop haha that hasn’t changed 🙂
  • this church is true and i love declaring that day in and day out! what a marvelous work it is!
until next week!
i love you all!
sister brereton
1 // one of my favorite families here (yes i look like a giant)
2 // mission activity!
3 // mission activity service project stamping books
4 // party in the mission home haha

pics // 7.13.15

1 // my favorite people in this mission (not all inclusive haha)


2 // me and my anak! i’m a nanay now!


3 // some missionaries from my old zone in sogod!


sister balucos. she’s adorable, right? like nanay like anak haha just kidding




i’m someone’s nanay // 7.6.15

hello! in cebuano nanay means mom…more on that later!!!!

how are you all? thanks for all the love via email and packages (i got the ones with the shoes mom thanks! when did you send them, it seems like it came fast!) i love you all! sorry that my email will be short today. we are travelling to tacloban here in a bit for a combined mission conference! its exciting because the whole mission will be together and this has never happened since i’ve been in the field! so i will get to see my batch that i haven’t seen for literally 10 months since we got to the field! so that will be fun!
this week was interesting!\
  • awesome: buying out the whole town of palompon of nutella. this is just how i roll. so thanks for the package w/ nutella mom! because the town still hasn’t been resupplied haha 🙂
  • awkward: finding out i have an allergy to the water here which makes my skin irritated. which explains why WW3 broke out on my face this week! now i’m using filtered water for everything and all is good! don’t worry mom i’m fine  🙂 no but really mom, its FINE! 🙂
  • the most interesting part of the week was receiving a call from the APs….they asked me i am an obedient missionary, if i am diligent, and how our area is…then they asked me to TRAIN!\
  • i have to go! so sorry! have to travel to tacloban now to get my new comp! LOVE YOU!!!!!
1 // something about being in a 3rd world country really sparks the patriotism in me!
2 // happy bday L!