The sisters take Palompon by storm // 6.15.15

and that is what i’m calling this next chapter of my life!

so sorry if i didn’t get a chance to email you back personally this week! the time seems to have gotten away from me! so i’ll jump right into it:
  • awesome: the fact that it has been raining a little bit off and on. salamat salamat salamat. just when we think we’re gonna die, HF blesses us with a little rain!
  • awesome #2: the area broadcast yesterday. broadcast from SLC and i love it. broadcasts always make me a little home sick, but just for a minute. they are such a blessing though and as a mission they keep me sane! its good to know there are people in the place that i come from, who understand what its like in the place i am now! i will always forever have a special bond with those people who have been to the phils. i just don’t know if you can really understand what its like here, until you’ve lived here. that’s why i’m so grateful for the americans here in our mission! we are so few now! but when we get to see each other (So so rarely haha) even if we don’t know each other we just have an automatic bond. i am so grateful for the the area broadcasts though and the church’s care of members here!
  • awkward: getting hard core rejected. haha. i had to resist the urge to laugh the other day as we OYMed an old man who ALWAYS is sitting on a bench near our apt. he literally lives on that bench and watches the day go by. so naturally, i wanted to give him a BOM for him to read while he sits there all day. but nope. he doesn’t want one! we started to tell him our purpose as missionaries and he said (in english!!) “STOP IT” and then explained in cebuano that if we were trying to convince him of anything he wants us to go away and convince someone else haha #hardhearted #themissionarylife #iloveit #haha
  • this week was good! we had ZTM, exchanges, and other stuff i don’t remember haha. it was all good and the week was pretty calm until we received word that the Palompon elders were getting e-transferred. you know what that means. emergency transferred. real transfers aren’t for 2 more weeks. so yeah… we don’t really know why but we do know that now we’re taking their area over! so our area is literally HUGE now. as in out of control huge! its like we’re whitewashing, but also trying to keep our area thriving as well. its a balance between keep both areas alive now! i know that with the help of the Lord we can DO IT! because this isn’t our work, its HIS. we just get the opportunity and priviledge to assist in it. if He wanted it to be done, He’d do it. but instead we get to help! and what a great work it is!!!
  • so that’s life for the next 2 weeks. i’m praying that i get to stay in palompon for the next cycle. don’t feel like my work here is done and hope that Pres. Maurer feels the same way.
  • i’m attaching pics. sorry this email is short! hope the pics make up for it!


sister brereton

1 // district activity


2 // inv fam


3 // i ate this pink fish! cool, huh?



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