whose voice are you listening to? // 5/25/15

hello everyone!

another week of sweating more that i thought humanly possible has come and gone! it goes so fast! and apparently we’re in “el nino” here. meaning its a drought. hasn’t rained in forevs. but we’re surviving. and life is great despite being so meltingly hot! its awesome because the locals complain about it being hot too. so we just all spend the day saying, “init ang adlaw!”
thanks for all the emails of support and encouragement! i am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family 8000 miles away! sorry if i didn’t get back to you this week. this week was good….
  • awesome: the fact that i’ve never been happier in my life despite the fact that i’m washing ALL my clothes by hand, showering with a bucket of water and dipper, and sweating. that goes to show how fulfilling and wonderful this work is. and how true the gospel is as well!
  • awkward: before i tell you…remember a few weeks ago how i was so happy because i woke up my companion because i was sleep talking in cebuano? well here’s a new one. this week i woke myself up because i was sleep talking in cebuano! i remember so vividly and so passionately telling the investigator in my dream that once we give them a baptismal date, satan will start working hard on them, but to not give up! to rely on the Lord haha. i guess it was so passionate that i woke myself up! haha i remember coming to and thinking, who is talking oh whoops its me haha. so there it is. sister brereton teaching lessons in the day, and in the night too! haha
  • This week has been a lesson in learning who i am listening to. the thoughts that enter my mind…are they from the spirit or from the adversary? i’ve learned this week the types of thoughts that come from the adversary. the thoughts that tell me, “you’re doing ok in cebuano. but think of how much of a more effective missionary you could be if you were teaching in english? too bad. the gift of tongues is good…but you’re still not fluent.” THIS is the voice of Satan. DON’T listen to it. he’ll do anything he can do make us feel worthless, hopeless, and weak. these thoughts are not from a loving Heavenly Father. When thoughts like this enter your mind, drive it out with a scripture or a hymn. It really works! i testify. as missionaries i really can tell that satan works extra hard on us. of course he does! he doesn’t want us to succeed in this work! he wants us to feel like we’re not qualified enough to carry out this work. BUT the Lord qualifies the called. Don’t listen to the stealthy whispers of Satan!
  • we had a baptism this week! sister ivy. she’s 22 and awesome. daughter of RCs. her dad baptized her! how awesome is that!
  • i love my mission. and i’m out of email time.
love you all!!!!! study the scrips everyday and have weekly FHE.
sister brereton
1 // filipino kids! cute, right?
2 // we had a CSP this week! building a house. but they wouldn’t let the sisters do anything haha so we were just moral support and had some great photo ops haha
3 // CSP- adding onto a RC’s house
4 // i’ve given in to the selfie craze. just for the mission though haha

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