where does the time go? // 5.4.15

time seriously goes so fast. i am even shocked right now writing the date! already 4 days into may. slow.it.down.

how are you all? thanks for all the emails and love! i love you all! i can’t believe that everyone is getting married, and having babies, graduating, getting jobs, getting internships, etc. wow! life is crazy busy! sorry if i didn’t get a chance to reply to you this week!
this week literally flew by. i really didn’t believe people when they said that the mission goes fast. they are so right!
  • awesome of the week: a fulfillment of promised blessing! remember in my setting apart blessing i was blessed that i would “dream in cebuano”? well, my companions have told me in the past that i talk in my sleep. a few mornings ago, my companion told me that i was speaking cebuano in my sleep the night before! how cool is that? i’m coming to see the fulfillment of all of the things i was blessed with in my setting apart!
  • awkward of the week: me tripping and falling down on our way home one night! the mission has made me so uncoordinated haha. its literally a miracle that i was fine! it could have been really bad, but i ended up with only a tiny scratch on my heel! i truly did feel protected as i fell. the Lord looks out for His missionaries!
  • not very awesome: having the flu this week! my head has felt like its gonna pop off my head and my body aches! but i’d like to thank my tylenol and sudafed for allowing me to still work! i’m all good now. and its really incredible that this is the first sickness i’ve had since the MTC. #blessings
  • update on the bridges: so far none of the bridges have broken while i am on them! that is a blessing!
  • we have some really awesome investigators. which also means that they have some really serious trials. satan works so hard to prevent people from receiving the blessings of the gospel. pray for our investigators! especially brother lyndon and sister edwina! i love them so much. i’m really starting to understand what Christlike love is.
  • i love my companion. i sure miss sister malu, but i love sister arais to pieces! we have the same work ethic. we work HARD. we’ve had the highest number of lessons in the whole mission every week we’ve been together!  i feel so blessed to be in an area that the Lord has really gone before our face like it says in D&C. so many investigators have really been prepared for us! its such a blessing as a missionary to have lots of investigators that are earnestly seeking the truth. i’m so grateful for the missionaries who have gone before us as well who have prepared these people as well!
  • speaking of my companion. i love here. she asks me random questions about random stuff. like the other night she was asking me how dishwashers work hahaha. i honestly forgot about dishwashers until she asked me haha.
  • i’m SO out of this world excited to skype next week!
  • i’m almost out of time so i’ll just say this. the gospel is TRUE. the gift of tongues and interpretation is TRUE. we can do anything that the Lord needs us to do if we rely completely on HIM, forget ourselves and go to work, quit relying on our own strength, and let the Spirit guide us. i am living proof of how we can do things that we never thought we could do. i never thought i could do this mission. and i think that only my mom and Heavenly Father truly knew how incapable and terrified when i received my mission call. but we can do ALL things through HIM. i am so grateful to be on a mission and to learn these lessons. I LOVE my mission!
i love you all! until next week!
sister brereton
1 //  my companion and i on a pot-pot (a tricycle thing)
2 // part of our area
3 // a starfish! it was huge
4 // fhe with some of my fav investigators

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