sweating like a sinner in church // 5/18/15

hello! can you believe that another week has come and gone?? life is so fast! how are you all? i’m SO grateful that we were able to skype. what a blessing technology is!

wow so much to say such little time!
  • awesome: transfer day is today but i’m staying in this area with my same companion! we are so happy! we can continue on with life as we know it for 6 weeks more!
  • awkward: people think my eyes are fake. they think i put contacts in to make my eyes blue. i told them that i do have contacts but that they’re clear and that my eyes are naturally blue. after that i was asked if my eyelashes are connected to the contacts that i put into my eyes. haha i got a good laugh out of that one! also. people think my hair color is fake too. they ask me what shampoo i use. they ask me how i got to be so white. its hilarious. i tell them i use the same shampoo as they do and they don’t believe me haha. i get the weirdest complements every day. its so funny to me. i’m literally the most average looking person in america. but here i’m like a novelty or something hahaha i’ll enjoy it while it lasts i guess.
  • awesome #2: i’m a filipina now! my comp is a native cebuano speaker and she told me i’m bisdak (meaning my language is really good..100% attributed to the gift tongues! i so can’t speak this language on my own) and i tried balut this week. i know i promised myself i wouldn’t. but yet i found myself being peer pressured into it! haha its not gross, but its not really good either. so yeah. once is enough for me! sorry to all the baby ducks of the world.
  • don’t send anymore sunscreen mom! i have a ton! thanks
  • its been so crazy hot. i just sweat and sweat and sweat. then drink and drink and drink. and then sweat some more! such is the filipino life!
  • i love our area. its seriously on fire. we get 40+ lessons every week. we have awesome investigators. we have a baptism this weekend. i love my mission so much!
  • i’m so grateful to be serving a mission. i honestly had no idea that i would love it this much. maybe its because i had super low expectations and all of my expectations have been exceeded. ambut. all i know is that this gospel is so true. its the only thing that will help us to be happy! nothing else, love, wealth, popularity, etc will make us happy but the gospel of jesus christ will! what a blessing it is to have it in our lives! i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. esp in tacloban. its a hard mission, but its worth every drip of sweat, every tear i’ve cried, and every exhausting day i’ve spent hiking through the bukid and balancing on bamboo bridges. i love this work! i know that nothing will stop this work from progressing!
love you all! thanks for all the love and support kanunay!
sister brereton
p.s. sorry that almost all of the pics are of food. haha
1 // the sisters of our zone. ormoc zone!
2 // nutella fanatic. the 2 smaller jars from here. the dako one from america. God bless the USA. thanks mom!
3 // investigators cooked octopus for us this week! its yummy.
4 // fuzzy photo the pizza we mad! thanks again mom!

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