running out of awesome subject lines // 4.27.15

i just really can’t get over how fast the time goes! its like boom. monday again. and now april is almost over! my mission is going by so fast! not sure how to feel about that…
this week was really good! thanks for all the emails and good vibes sent my way! its really a delight to open up my email each week and read what is going on with you all! we’re halfway through this cycle…already. i’m just barely becoming familiar with our area, which is basically a maze! so far, so good on the bridges. i have pics of the bridges i’ll attach! and i’ll send more next week. there are other parts of our area i want you all to see!
  • awesome of the week: our investigators. we have some really awesome investigators with baptismal dates. they are so prepared and will make such great members someday. i feel so blessed to know them! its true that as missionaries we are really blessed with charity, the christlike love. I just love everyone! the cultural difference doesn’t matter. i would forget that i’m not a filipina if people didn’t always tell me how “puti” (white) i am! i love the people SO MUCH.
  • awkward of the week: sweat literally dripping down my legs during lessons. its so hot! the lady we were teaching started pointed at my legs, alarmed! haha. i just shrugged my shoulders. just another day on the job! its so hot, but i’m so blessed. just like my setting apart blessing said, the heat doesn’t bother me. really it doesn’t. its like, i’m sweating in places i didn’t know was possible to sweat in! but it doesn’t bug me! this is huge, i’ll have you know! remember how i was anti hot yoga and anti summer before? when i get home i won’t shy away from hot yoga anymore haha
  • i was asked for money again… this is becoming normal i guess. and i don’t mean a person on the street coming up to ask for some spare change. i mean i get approached by members, investigators, etc for financial help. they just assume i have a lot to give because i’m a foreigner. its really sad to turn them away. as much as i’d like to give them money, i can’t because as missionaries we can’t. this just motivates me to do more humanitarian work when i get home!
  • had a cool experience with the spirit this week. i’m copy pasting from my email to president: Our area is really great. There are a lot of people prepared for the gospel. Their hearts are so much softer than the people in Sogod! Every week I think I learn a different lesson about the Spirit. Last night we were on splits. At the beginning of the lesson I was the one who offered the prayer. I didn’t realize it until afterwards, but I forgot to ask for the Spirit to be there during the lesson. I always ask for this! But this time I forgot. During the lesson I struggled to teach. I couldn’t think of the Cebuano words I needed, the questions I asked didn’t feel inspired, the people we were teaching didn’t seem interested. I could feel that everything was lacking. I didn’t pinpoint why the Spirit wasn’t helping me until after the fact when I remembered the prayer. It reminds me of D&C 42:14 where we are taught that if we don’t have the Spirit, we won’t be able to teach! It is so true. I knew this was true, of course, but after this experience I can truly testify of the importance of teaching with the Spirit!
  • also, are you having FHE? its so important
  • saturday was national service day! we spent two hours with the branch painting a local high school! i got to wear a mormon helping hands vest! i’ve waited my whole life to wear one of these vests! haha! and i’m so glad i got to wear it for a service project and not for a disaster! you never know coming to the phils haha
  • i can’t think of what else to say, so i’ll just say this. the gospel is TRUE. its the truest thing there is, and the only thing that matters. i’m grateful to be on a mission…its like going through the refiners fire. i hope i come out a better person than i left! my companion and i were commenting on how the changes within ourselves are so gradual that we can’t see them in ourselves. so it will be interesting to see if i’m different when i come home! haha. i’m grateful to share this gospel with the people in the phils! i remember how much i cried when i got my mission call! i can’t believe it now haha. i am so happy being here! its such a blessing. the Lord really knew (of course) where I needed to go on my mission. i am so blessed to have this privilege to serve and to be with such wonderful people!
i love you all! thanks for the support! i can’t wait to skype in a few weeks! i don’t know the deets yet, but maybe we’ll get to skype from the church again! so blessed to have a chapel in this area!
love you all!!!!!
love, Sister Brereton
1 // sweeping up dead cochoaches
2 // national service day!
3 // painting!
4 // painting!

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