Happy Mom’s Day // 5/11/15

Hello! thanks for the wonderful skype! sorry for the less than stellar connection…but i’m just grateful that i was able to see you and talk to you! thanks for you support of me and your love and kindness towards me always. i am forever grateful. seriously.

this week was so fast. This cycle has gone by incredibly fast…transfers are next week. I think i’ll be staying in this area, and if what our district leader keeps saying is true, i’ll be training this coming cycle. honestly i hope its not true…its not a matter of pride or accomplishment for me. training is a hard thing. its a responsibility i’m not sure that i’m ready to take on. but i will do whatever I am asked to do and rely completely on the Lord. we’ll see what happens.
this week it seems i was cursed with a bit of bad luck! haha
  • awesome: i was told that i’m like a filipina! i find this to be a complete compliment! i’m trying to hard to embrace everything and so its a compliment to hear that I am developing filipino mannerisms and traits!
  • awesome #2: my companion telling me she woke up in the night because i was sleep talking again. I was teaching a lesson in cebuano! so its VERY true that I do dream in cebuano!
  • awkward: where to begin! this was a week of bad luck! i fell again (the struggle is real) p.s. don’t worry i’m fine. its like the mission has made me uncoordinated or something! i have a nice bruise to show for it!
  • awkward #2: dropping a glass bowl. and the shards cutting my leg. don’t worry i’m fine! i probs shouldn’t even tell you these things
  • bad luck: my patriarchal blessing is missing. don’t worry i have 2 copies. so i can still read it. but i just worry that i lost it somewhere and someone has read it. its just so personal. i just know that it will find its way back to me though. so pray that i will find it
  • if you could send me fhe ideas, object lesson ideas, etc. thanks
sorry for the short email! i am trying to compensate with pics and the fact that we skyped. know that i love you all so much! i miss you so much but i am so grateful to be here! its a privilege to serve and i’m loving every minute of it!
sister brereton
1 // district lunch at the church
2 // language study haha
3 // the giant spider that i’m proud to say found death by hand

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