Did you notice that you haven’t seen me for 9 months? // 6.8.15

that means that for 9 months i’ve been showering out of bucket, killing mosquitoes daily, speaking a very foreign language through the gift of tongues, conquering my fear of cockroaches, having a constant prayer in my heart, been given strength to continue through the inescapable humidity, and 9 more months to continue to the have the most wonderful, worthwhile, uplifting, strengthening experience of my LIFE!  i still feel like a baby in the mission. i can’t believe that i’m one of the older missionaries in this mission now! i think of how I looked up to the older missionaries when I arrived the field! they were so fully of wisdom and spiritual strength. i feel like i’m not as awesome as I perceived them to be! haha but i continue on! continue to strive to be what Heavenly Father would have me be! 9 months gone, 9 months left!

this week was good. and fast! and sad news this computer won’t let me send pics…sayang. so you’ll have to wait to see my 1/2 mark picture!
  • awesome: the small miracles that happen everyday. it doesn’t matter if they’re small. because they’re still miracles! for example. i forgot to refill my bag with pamphlets are article of faith cards. i love to give away the article of faith cards to people, but when i most wanted to give one away, I realized i forgot to restock my bag! sayang! i searched through my bag thoroughly, hoping to find one, but to no avail! later in the day when i really really needed some i reached in my bag to get a pamphlet to give away. neatly tucked inside my bag were 3 article of faith cards that were definitely not there before- perfect for the 3 people we were talking to. Heavenly Father is so mindful of us in our weaknesses/my weakness of forget to restock my bag! 🙂
  • awkward: the fact that i drink about 5 liters of water everyday. and don’t have to go to the bathroom that often…thus proving how much i sweat. its incredible. and incredibly gross haha. i’m grateful for clean, safe water to drink! the mission really does take care of us!
  • i’ve been very reflective this week since i hit my halfway mark. As i start on this second leg of my mission journey, I’ve been thinking of the exhortation in 3 Nephi 12:48 for us to be perfect. I’m grateful for the further clarity in footnote b of Matt. 5:48 that tells us perfect means, “complete, finished, or fully developed”. i know i’m nowhere near this! but i’m grateful for the time on the mission to really strive to become like HIM. i truly am the “weak and simple” (D&C 1:23)
  • be grateful for utah’s winter freeze that kills cockroaches and other bugs! ’nuff said.
  • america really is the land of promise… ’nuff said.
  • service really does soften hearts. we did lots of laba for a lady this week and its incredible to see the changes in peoples hearts when we serve them!
  • thanks for your love and support of me! i am so grateful to you all!
my time is up. the church is true. i love you!
sister brereton

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