It’s a good thing that I do yoga // 4.13.15

because our area requires us to have good balance! more on that later.

holy guacamole i can’t believe we’re almost halfway through april already! wow. i just realized that as i typed the date. and also realized that i could totally go for some guac right now too. haha.

hope you all are doing well! sorry if i didn’t get to respond to your emails this week. experiencing technical difficulties on these filipino computers haha. this week was really good! i love my companion! i was worried to be honest. after coming from my mission bestie as a companion, i was worried that i’d never be satisfied with a companion again. but i am so blessed, so lucky to have my comp, Sister Arais! i love her dearly! she’s a great missionary, we have lots in common, we help each other a lot! its a blessing. i’m so grateful to have a good companion. having a hard companion is a trial, it really is. anyways! this week was good! we finally got to see general conference. i like the bullet point thing. so here we go:
  • general conf: the best ever, diba? i love it. i was so excited for us to finally see it! we are a week delayed. we traveled an hour and a half saturday to the chapel that had the broadcast! it was so awesome! in between sessions we went to get lunch but were late getting back. so can someone update me on the opposition during the saturday afternoon session? never got that full story. thanks! on sunday we traveled in a bus that the faithful saints of palompon rented. people were shoved everywhere in the bus. so cool to see so many faithful members who will sacrifice to hear the words of a living prophet, the words of the Lord, really.
  • gen conf thoughts: i really loved elder ringwood’s talk! about not aspiring to position or prestige. sadly there are a lot of people on the mission who aspire to hold leadership positions. its sad to see. for me, i want to be a regular missionary my whole mission haha. its so not about training or being an stl or whatever. i just want to work hard everyday doing the Lord’s work! anyways. i really liked his talk because the part about doing selfless acts of service without praise or accolades. made me think of my wonderful parents. i surely have been born of goodly parents. also, i laughed at elder cook’s talk because my watch has 2 time settings so i have one on phils time and the other on utah time! so many good inspiring talks. of course. gen conf just gets better and better. i forgot my notes though…so thats all i can remember right now. loved elder hollands as well too- that story he told. wow.
  • awesome of the week: my companion and i have a surprising lot in common!
  • awkward of the week: i literally eat twice as much as the filipino elders. whenever we go out for lunch after meetings or whatever i am reminded of this. no wonder why they are so small! haha
  • my dramatic subject line: it really truly is a good thing that i do yoga because our area is crazy! remember how last week i said that i had heard there were lots of bridges? in my mind i was imagining hanging bridges. what i was not expecting was us walking on bamboo sticks over the ocean to get to these houses. the houses are literally built on stilts and so we walk on the rickety, bendy bamboo “bridges” to get to the houses. its incredible. i didn’t really think that people lived like this! i thought it was just in the movies! and its totally unsafe. so i kid you not, pray for me walking on these bridges! our whole area is like this! and in one part, instead of the ocean beneath its a swamp of mud, garbage, and nasty. if i fall into the ocean that’s one thing, but if i fall into the nasty, that’s another! its a good thing that my yoga has given me good balance because really, its like walking on a balance beam always. i will try to send pics sometime! its crazy. welcome to the phils!
  • my leg: is so good!
  • food: the only place to buy meat here is at the outdoor markets. so we did. and i didn’t get sick from it. what a blessing! it has been so hard to find the balance between eating meat and not risking my life haha. ok thats dramatic. but really, its been hard to suppress my food service knowledge haha. but don’t worry i’m fine!
  • this morning we rented bikes and then went on a mini hike and then down to the ocean to have breakfast! so fun! i’m all about district/zone activities. its the only chance i’ll get to explore the phils like this!
  • i love my mission. i really do. its the best! this gospel is true. love you all!

love, sister brereton

1 // susette a member. leaving on a mission soon
2 // our district activity this morning!
3 // happy bday ryan!
4 // happy bday ryan!

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