I’m in my 2nd area! // 4/7/2015


coming at you live from my 2nd area!!!! I once again have been so blessed and so favored of the Lord. I am currently in Palompon! my new companion is Sister Arais (pronounced, arise) from Bohol (near cebu.) I am so blessed!!!
  • this week was literally a whirlwind. we knew for sure that i was going to be transferring. I was in my first area, Sogod, for 6 MONTHS. apparently that’s a pretty average time for most missionaries to be in their first area, but for Pres. Maurer, that’s a really long time. I feel so blessed to have been in Sogod for so long. I was born there as a missionary and i love it so much. Telling people this week that i was transferring was one of the saddest things. there were a lot of tears this week. lots from me, lots from others. its really sweet to have had these opportunities to meet and teach with the wonderful people of sogod.
  • i’m attaching lots of pics! don’t worry!
  • it was so nindot because we had a baptism on saturday before i transferred!!!! hannah, a nine year old from a part member family. we started teaching her when i arrived in october. and now she is a member in april right as i’m leaving! it was so happy!
  • transfer day was yesterday. so sorry that i didn’t email! our area is about 3 hours from Tacloban and so we arrived in our area last night and didn’t have time to email. better late than never! transfer day was rough. sister malu and i knew that we’d only have one cycle together and so we tried to make the most of it! i think we did, but i will still really miss being companions with her! she is still in sogod and will continue the work there! i’m so grateful to have someone i trust so deeply to continue the work among the people i love so dearly there is sogod!
  • funny story: this week when went to visit a long time less active woman in sogod. we were standing outside her house, the door was open and she could see us. i called out to her, and she promptly slammed the door on us! i was so shocked, but at the same time thought it was so funny! sister malu and i were cracking up after we walked away. i guess its good that we laugh at rejection, right? haha
  • my new area: i am SOOOOOO blessed to be in a cebuano speaking area again! the odds were really stacked against me when it comes to the language, meaning, there are more than double waray areas than cebuano. but i’m so blessed to still be in cebuano! i can cement in my cebuano this cycle with my companion….
  • ….Sister Arais! she is a native cebuano speaker! so she’ll help me a lot. and i’ll get to help her with english as well! she is really sweet, just finished her 12 weeks. so i’m her follow-up trainer. her trainer is the mission is going home and is literally a legend in the mission. so its a really great opportunity for me to learn from her what she has learned from her trainer. even though i’m older in the mission, i think i’m going to learn more from Sister Arais this cycle than she will learn from me. She is so good! i’m so excited to work with her!
  • apparently our area is cool. that’s what i keep hearing. we haven’t been out to work yet, thought. cool apparently means that there are bamboo hanging bridges to cross, and stuff like that. so please pray for the bridges that i will be walking across this cycle. that they will be strong hahaha! or that i will be light haha just kidding. speaking of my health..
  • my health: its so good. don’t worry mom. i’ve been really blessed with good health and that is truly a tender mercy. with the exception of my leg, everything thus far in my mission has been good. and now you can officiallly stop worrying about my leg. its totally healed. i have a crazy awesome battle scar. who knew that i’d come home from the mission with a literal battle scar?! haha
  • i got the packages mom! and i’m so happy! so is my cute companion. she is from cebu area and said that you can buy herbalife stuff there…who knew, right? anyways. thanks for the stuff to make pizza and the brownie mix and things! i’m so excited to make it! its so meant to be that i got these packages in this new area…the apartment is SO CUTE. and we have a big toaster oven that you can actually cook stuff in. in my old apt we wouldn’t have been able to make the brownies or pizza. so the timing is totally meant to be! Heavenly Father is really in the tiniest, seemingly insignificant details of my life!
  • now i just want to take a minute to talk about our apt in this area. its so cute! and i love it! i thought my old apt in sogod was good, but this one is even better! its just way cute. and has 2 bathrooms!  i’ll send pics!
  • here’s something crazy: heard word that NO MORE foreigner sisters will be sent to our mission…no one knows why. they are still being sent to cebu and other phils missions, but not tacloban. i don’t know why but it makes me sad. could be possibly because this mission gets the most typhoons. there are 13 foreigner sisters in our mission currently, 8 from America. 200 missionaries total. roughly 60 sisters. my batch is officially the last foreigner sisters here. its so sad. but its also a privilege to be here. all the elders keep saying that we must be the “strong ones” because we are here. i know i’m not strong haha. but i do know that i can get through any challenges that i encounter here with the help of our Heavenly Father.
  • i am so grateful to be on a mission. i legit never thought that i’d love it as much as i do. everyday something hard happens, everyday something weird happens. but it really is the best work to be doing. each day i realized that all the RMs i’ve ever talked to about missions are totally right about everything. can’t believe that i ever doubted them haha.
  • this gospel is so true. its really the only important thing. its such a blessing to be able to share it with others!
sister brereton
pic 1 // huge lizards on walls. its a thing here! not in our apt, don’t worry!
pic 2 // saying goodbye to my first recent convert, tatay cosme! remember him, the first baptism when i first arrived? he’s so good. funny story though. i told him after a lesson, “tomorrow when we come back, we are going to take a picture!” he agreed. the next day when we showed up, his hair was BLACK, normally gray. he dyed his hair so that he could be more “gwapo” for the photo. i was dying. SO FUNNY.
pic 3 // yes that’s me holding a lizard. a baby one. after our zone training meeting an elder asked me “hey can you hold this?” i instinctively held out my hand and he dropped a lizard into it!!

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