Another week has come and gone // 4.20.15

the days seriously go by so fast. its crazy. april is almost over! wow!

so i forgot my list of things to tell you about! so i will do my best to remember. right now we’re emailing from Ormoc (1.5 hours away from our area) we had a zone activity this morning going to a pretty lake. ok here is what is on my mind:
  • i love my mission. i really do! i am working hard to just embrace EVERYTHING. food, sweating, rice, the language, the culture, the customs, etc. i’m only here once. may as well make the most of it- there’s no use fighting it. there are so few foreigners left in our mission that i rarely see one. so its good that i’m embracing the culture! i was flattered when my companion told some people this week that i’m like a filipina. i’m working really hard to do just that!
  • speaking of foreigners. we had interviews with president this week and the rumor is confirmed. no more foreigners at all coming to our mission. i had heard that just sisters weren’t coming anymore, but apparently its all foreigners. no one knows why. but someone did mention that years ago when pres hinckley was here he said that someday only filipinos would serve in the philippines! so maybe this a prophecy being fulfilled! i don’t know! does someone want to check out if he really did say that? regardless. i am just honored to be here. my batch is the last foreigner sisters. i just feel grateful/blessed to have “made the cut” so to speak. such a 360 change in attitude from when i received my mission call one year ago. can you believe its been a year? wow.
  • speaking of that. i wonder if they are not sending foreigners anymore to cebu and cebu east as well. mom maybe with your connections you can find out! i’d really like to teach at the MTC when i get home if there are still jobs there! i guess they’ll x the cebuano dept though if no more foreigners go to these 3 missions!
  • we have a new investigator that randomly breaks into speaking some other language that neither my companion or i understand…so not cebuano, not spanish, not tagalog. we think its latin. its funny because his wife just sits there shaking her head and saying, “they don’t understand you” to him haha
  • did i mention that our area is crazy! so far the bamboo bridges are holding up just great. i’m going to take pictures some time to send to you. you won’t believe it. i legit say a prayer in my heart everytime that we go on them. so i am saying a prayer in my heart all day long basically haha
  • pray for me and the language! i have been so abundantly blessed with the gift of tongues. now my goal is to master the language. i know i’ll be better able to teach with power and authority if i master the language!
  • i will now again mention how our area is crazy! every night when the sun is going down, around 6pm, BATS fly around!!! i kid you not. there is an island not far from our area where they live. at night (nocturnal of course) they leave to go to the bukid to eat fruit. they’re HUGE bats. i joke that they will swoop down on us and grab us! so far so good 🙂 its quite shocking though. bats. bats, people! apparently, before yolanda, the sky would darken a bit when they flew to the bukid because there were so many of them!!! but since yoland destroyed so many of them (and their habitat) the sky doesn’t darken haha. now they’re on the endangered list. but that doesn’t stop people! they put bait on kites up in the sky to catch the bats. then they EAT them. yep, its true. the other night we walked by some people roasting what i thought was a chicken….not so…it was a bat! unreal, right? wow i love this crazy place!!!
  • i can’t remember what else was on my list to tell you! just know that i’m doing well. loving life. working hard. eating lots of rice. striving to be perfectly obedient. striving to be a good missionary. striving striving striving always! its a hard work to do. but i can’t imagine NOT doing it. i’m having experiences everyday that are irreplaceable. i’m meeting people that i know i was meant to meet. and most importantly i’m doing the best work EVER! its hard for me to remember my life before the mission sometimes. it just feels so.far.away! i’m focused on the work and i’m SO happy! and so tired haha. i’ll sleep when i’m dead 😉
i love you all! thanks for the love and support always. i couldn’t handle the challenges of missionary life without knowing i have cheerleaders on the other side of the world! i love you!
sister brereton
1 // our investigators who i love SO MUCH. p.s. can anyone spot the tanline? haha the struggle is real
2 // me and sister arais
3 // our zone activity this morning
4 // riding to the activity in a multicab

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