time flies when you’re having fun // 3.30.15

i seriously can’t believe that its almost april. its really true that the time goes by SO FAST on the mission. i’m quickly learning that everything that every RM has ever told me about missions is SO TRUE haha.

but hey. how are you all? thanks for the emails and pics. keep it coming! its so fun to have a full inbox haha love you all
this week was full of challenges. but it was still so good. the Lord is just so good to us!
  • awesome: finding cheese at the store. actually let me rephrase that: there being cheese at the store. trust me, i’ve looked before and magically last monday there was some there. and it was soooooo delicious we ate it all in 2 days!
  • awkward: today a 12 y.o. boy coming to our door and asking for a drink of water. so of course i gave him some! he said thanks and just walked away. sooooooo random. i love being on the mission
  • this week we got punted hard core. but we just kept working. so few lessons, but i know that we did everything in our power to invite everyone to come unto HIM and so i feel successful!
  • i had a teary moment this week when a less active member came to church. he is 30 y.o., RM. we met him by coincidence and when he got to church on sunday found out that his former companion from the mission just moved into the ward. the Lord works in mysterious ways!
  • i am for sure transferring. and it breaks my heart. i know it has to happen! i have been in sogod for 5 months now! but i don’t want to leave sister malu and i don’t want to leave this area! i feel like its the perfect area. the people are tough and hard hearted but the area itself is perfect. its got a little city, but a little bukid tooo! and its a great apt. i don’t want to transfer but i know its time. i ‘m just grateful that i’ve been able to spend as much time here as i have. being here is so cool to see how the Lord really knew that this would be such a good first area for me. i know the next area will be exactly what i need to help me learn and grow again. it could be a waray area. it could be in the bukid. i have no idea! but the Lord knows me and knows where He can best use me. i’ll go wherever He needs me to go. i’ve gotten to the point where i will hike a mountain to teach people. i will do anything that will help them come unto Him. the gospel is that important. no sacrifice is too big for this gospel. it sure will be hard to leave this area. there are some families i’ve gotten so close to. and its hard to know that i will probably never come back here again! but i know that i will leave this area better than i found it. i’ve given it everything i’ve got!
  • pray for me and my new area. next time i email i will be there!
  • wow so much more i could say but i’ll just leave it at this: this gospel is TRUE. HE LIVES. and i’ll do everything i possibly can to tell every person i come across about that. i never thought i’d love being a missionary as much as i do! its an incredible opportunity to serve. i learn so much every single day. i let the spirit work through me to become an instrument in His hands! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!
sister brereton
p.s. happy easter! eat some real chocolate for me 🙂 also go to the temple for me. also eat a real hamburger for me. be grateful for real beef people. and cheese! ok i’m done.love you!!
pic 1 // grilled cheese sandwich, REAL CHEESE. seriously. a tender mercy i found cheese after not having it for my whole mission!
pic 2 // happy birthday to dad this week!!!!!! tigulan na!!!!
pic 3 // hiking for our district activity today
pic 4 // crossing a river!!!!!!

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