this will be quick // 3/16/15

hello everyone!

sorry to not reply to individual emails as much today! i spent a lot of time reading and looking at pictures of RYAN and SHELBIE’S WEDDING! holy moly. can’t believe it happened and that I wasn’t there! but obviously i am supposed to be here instead! THANK YOU for sending pics. my heart was so full looking at them. i am so happy for ryan and shelbie. so many emotions i have that i just can’t quite put into words!

this week was good and today was fun! we had a zone activity! at gerona farm…does that sound familiar??? its the same place where i cut my leg open last zone activity!!!! but it was fun. we DID NOT play capture the flag this time…so that was good! no injuries this time!!!! which reminds me….

my leg: its good! its ugly! but its healing! i’ve stopped taking a daily pic of it. its gonna take a looooooooooong time to fully heal. but its good!
my companion: sister malu is the dream come true. we are mission best friends. we have the same brain basically. so we just have the best time together working so hard and being HILARIOUS about it. i love my life.
the work: its fantastic. our area is picking up. heavenly father is putting people in our path that HE has prepared for us. its incredible. we’ve had some incredible experiences this week finding less actives. we’ve stumbled on 2 LA homes this week. and it turns out that they’re related. there are so many “coincidence” everyday that we have as missionaries. but i know that they are not coincidences at all. and i’ve learned that as i pray and seek for the spirit and LISTEN that i am ALWAYS guided. if it weren’t for the spirit there would not be a chance that i’d be able to speak this language. the lord is so merciful to me. the gift of the holy ghost really is a GIFT.
i just realized i haven’t been pointing out the awkward/awesome of the week…
awesome: the gift of tongues…i can speak/understand this language but only with HIS help. its such a blessing. its true that the Lord will magnify our efforts. p.s. its the weirdest language ever. i have a feeling i’ll get transferred to a waray area next…..
awkward: trying to teach a lesson in english…long story short there’s a family here that’s half korean and they all speak english not cebuano…so they wanted us to teach them in english…i felt SO AWKWARD. it was so unnatural to me! i kept starting sentences in cebuano and then realizing “ooops sorry let me try to speak my native tongue!” so weird.

I LOVE MY LIFE. its as simple as that. don’t take this the wrong way…but i have kind of forgotten that i had a life before this. everyday we just work and work. we give it everything that we’ve got. i’m so tired and so dripping with sweat by the end of the day. but its ok because i know that i have given it my all that day. i’ve done everything in my power to invite others to come unto HIM. the HIM who made everything possible for us. i love boldly declaring the gospel to these people…no apologies, no hesitations because its 100% TRUE.

I LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE doing this work. its HIS work. and its hard. its so hard. its exhausting in every possible way but i love it so much. at the beginning of my mission i never thought that i would say that. but now i get it. i get it! you really do find yourself when you lose yourself!

i love you all! thank you for your continued love and support. i couldn’t do it without all of you! i love you i love you i love you!
until next week…

sister brereton

p.s. i will try to make my email more interesting  next week!

pic 1 // my favorite people. at our zone activity
pic 2 // gerona farm….hard to believe some place so pretty could hurt my leg so bad haha
pic 3 // our zone
pic 4 // crazy monkey at the farm






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