I’m feelin 22! // 3/9/15

…except i’m really not…i just feel the same, just like any other birthday!

how are you all? i CAN’T believe that the wedding is happening this week. what i really can’t believe is that i won’t be there for it. but i’ve accepted it, don’t worry! but seriously thank you to all who have had a part in the cardboard cut out. at least i can still “be there,” right? haha i can’t wait to see the pics! send me lots, ok? thanks.

by the way…did anyone realize that they haven’t seen me for 6 MONTHS? i hit 6 months the other day…weird. is it going by fast or slow? i think its fast. i feel like i should have more wisdom and knowledge at this point haha.

this week was BUSY. and it was AWESOME. it is such a blessing to be companions with my batch! Sister Malu and i have the same mindset about life. and how things should be done. and so we get along great, obviously. and we work HARD. we’re all about hard work. something that i can’t say my last (trunky) companion was very into… but i digress. this week wasn’t very monumental, but i’ll just break it down day by day

Monday: we had a good pday. busy as always. and that night taught 2 really nindot lessons! the spirit was so strong. its so cool because our language isn’t perfect. its so not perfect…i don’t know if i can emphasize that enough. but the people understand us. that really shows the power of the spirit and its role in teaching and testifying to these people who, without the spirit present, would scratch their heads in confusion trying to piece together the broken cebuano of two hopeful foreigners.
Tuesday: i honestly can’t really remember what happened haha. we did visit a less active return family that day though. and on sunday, brother was called to be the YM president! and i seriously started to tear up right there in sacrament meeting. we’ve been working with this family ever since i got here. and the dad is just the best. one lesson we taught about the priesthood and committed him to do whatever it took to be worthy of the priesthood. and BOOM a month later he was ordained. and now he’s the YM prez. these are the things that as a missionary just make your heart burst with happiness!
Wednesday: the most uneventful birthday of my life! it was just a normal day! it was good!
Thursday: we had exchanges with the STLs. I worked in my area still! and it was really good. i worked with sister besiera and i learned a lot! she was actually the one who trained sister malu! so that was good! i learned so much from here. she reminds me a lot of my trainer
Friday: i can’t remember. just a normal day
oh i give up on the day by day thing. there was one night that we belatedly went to get a pizza for my birthday. the only real pizza place in town that really doesn’t hold a candle to american pizza. i digress. we just talk to everyone of course, so we were talking to the owner and he kept saying how “cute” it is when we foreigners try to speak cebuano hahaha.
oh wow i’m almost out of time! well. overall this week i’d just say that we’ve really tried to consecrate ourselves. and the Lord TRUSTS US. i can tell. because we are literally being given people to teach. the lord just puts them in our path! its so cool!
the language is here! i can finally communicate and express myself and everything like that. the lord is so merciful
we have some really promising investigators right now
my leg continues to heal. took my last antibiotic this morning. i’ve been on 4 different antibiotics the past month. i would have literally died without them. seriously. my leg was bad. i’m so blessed.

just know this: I LOVE MY MISSION. honestly its taken me a while to get to the point where i can completely, truthfully, fully say that. but its true now! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. i understand what people have been saying about missions and why they’re so great. i get it now! (even though it took my longer than it probably should have)

pic 1 // my leg currently. ugly as ever, but healing.
pic 2 // me and sister besiera on exchanges!
pic 3 // sorry mom. i touched an animal.(shoutout to annie!) its a little chick if you can’t tell
pic 4 // sister malu and i exploring the bukid. we found a hermit man there! don’t worry, we’re being safe.






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