Let loose in Tacloban // 3.2.15


oh my goodness. so much to tell. such little time!

like i said in my last week’s email…i was in tacloban on monday and was awaiting my CBC results from the hospital. The good news is that everything from the blood test was normal šŸ™‚ however, Dr. Arner wanted me to stay in Tacloban until my leg looked better. Everyday we went to the mission home for Sister Maurer to take a pic of my leg and send it to Dr. Arner and await his reply. Everyday we were hoping he would say, “looks good! back to your area!” BUT NO. This is how our week went:

  • monday: transfer day, exciting, me with Sister Malu, living the dream basically.
  • tuesday: In the morning we went to have Sister Maurer look at my leg. she said that it looked good and that we were good to go back to our area! We went to pick up sister Malu’s luggage at the mission office and were almost on our way, when Sister Maurer called and said Dr. Arner called and is worried there was a abcess forming under the cut. he wanted me in Tacloban for 24 more hours. So there we were, let loose in Tacloban. Which is hard because neither of us speak waray-waray! All of the sisters in Tacloban were already out working for the day, so we couldn’t go on splits with them. Tuesday was the Elders transfer day, so we helped with work in the office and acted as the unofficial elders transfer day office greeting committee! it was super fun to see old friends. later in the day we went to the mission home to help sister maurer make bread pudding!
  • wednesday: after our studies, went to the mission home for the daily leg picture! Dr. Arner didn’t reply for a loooooong time, so we were just waiting and SO BORED. This day we worked in the office a lot! it was hilarious because the APs knew that we were bored out of minds, so they texted us to come help with a project. they kept calling us the “AP Sisters” haha it was so funny! we worked in president maurer’s office on the transfer board- the board that has everyone’s picture, area, companion, everything! it was cool. i’m so in the know about everything now! finally Dr. Arner responded with the classic, “looks good. but i want to see it in 24 hours again.” ugh we were dying, just wanting to go back to our area!
  • thursday: daily pic of my leg, then off to work with the STLs in Tacloban. which is hard. i never want to be assigned in the city! its cooking like an oven always. and i don’t speak waray-waray so i can only pick up a little of what is being said! contrary to popular belief waray and cebuano are not dialects of each other. they’re TOTALLY different languages! on this day we were hoping and praying that we could just go back to our area!
  • friday: we went to the tacloban district meeting, then mcdonalds for lunch! so i can’t complain about that. we were waiting for word that my leg was good enough to go back to sogod! finally Dr. Arner said that he didn’t love how it was looking, but if i went on another antibiotic he’d let us go back to our area!!! we arrived in sogod that night
  • saturday: weekly planning, getting our bearings, and out to work! it felt so good! Sunday was good as well. sister malu and i were a little interested to see how we’d actually do. we barely have a handle on the language, but we do GREAT teaching lessons and talking to people. we are so blessed with the gift of tongues and interpretation. i suddenly understand things i’ve never understood before, remember random words i once learned long ago, and can carry on conversations with people. its really true that people’s hearts are softened when we learn their language. President Maurer asked the area presidency if we could be changed to a Tagalog speaking mission as a standard, instead of having 2 mission languages and their dialects. because everyone here understands tagalog, its the national language. the area presidency answered NO. because its a fulfillment of prophecy when we speak in their language. every person should hear the gospel in their native tongue! and so our mission will continue to have 3 cebuano speaking zones, and 7 waray speaking zones with lots of other dialects within that! and ITS TRUE. people absolutely LOVE IT when there are 2 foreigners who can speak to them in their language. it really does soften hearts!

in other news, sister malu and i are loving our lives! we are living the dream! seriously. best friends doing the work of the Lord! we are on the same page about EVERYTHING and i think that really increases our effectiveness. Despite only working in our area for 2 days (and not full days either because of weekly planning on saturday and church on sunday) we have found 3 new investigator FAMILIES. and 2 out of the 3 are married. marriage is so uncommon here and keeps people from being about to be baptized. we are SO GRATEFUL. and so happy! and so blessed!

i am so grateful to be a missionary right now. I am SO blessed! and so grateful for the miracles and tender mercies every.single.day. I LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE IT. this is the first cycle that I feel like really talk to people and TEACH well. but its so not me that has the ability to do this. its ALL the spirit and the beautiful gift of tongues and interpretation. its so real. its incredible and i LOVE IT!

i love this gospel! i just realized the other day that TOMORROW i hit my 6 MONTHS MARK in the mission. my mission is 1/3 over. its so weird! i am so glad that i still have a year to do this incredible, amazing work! this gospel is TRUE!


Sister Brereton

p.s. i haven’t been able to update you about my hair because my leg has been the biggest problem right now! but guess what! those vitamins really do work mom! MY HAIR IS STAYING IN MY HEAD! i’m not bald. i still have pretty thick hair. I’m so lucky! so blessed! thank you so much! (still can’t wait for the resurrection when all those hairs come back haha)

p.p.s. its my birthday this week and i don’t even care! haha. i’ve lost myself in this work. i notice the change in myself. sooooo different from how i was before!

1 // my leg currently. still not healing like it should. so please pray! and thanks for the prayers already
2 // sister malu and i waiting for our van to leave on our travel back to sogod!
3 // “AP Sisters” we got to meet the new batch of missionaries and they truly believe that we work in the office haha
4 // having dinner with the tacloban sisters! i’ve seen them so much lately with all my trips to tac haha

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