i’m fine 2/10/15

hello all!

i’m sorry that i didn’t email like normal yesterday! i had the most eventful pday of my life yesterday haha and against all the seasoned missionaries’ advice, i’m going to tell you about it! but before i do, i need mom to promise that she won’t book herself a flight and fly here to rescue me hahaha. we’re in tacloban right now! we have a sisters training thing at the mission home tomorrow! so i’m emailing from sister maurer’s laptop right now! its so nice to be here…it feels like so good to be in an actual home. it feels like america hahah!
ok. first of all, i’m totally fine! yesterday was our zone activity going to a “farm” to look around, play capture the flag, have lunch, and return home. we were playing capture the flag and i was running and jumped over a pile of wood. i felt a scratch, but when i looked down i saw that there was a piece of wood stuck in me…naturally the elders were all impressed saying things like “whoa! you kept running through the pain?” and stuff like that haha. i thought it was just a scratch until i looked down! but they thought i was super tough. haha. our zone leader wanted to pull it out but of course i wouldn’t let him! let me just say i’m grateful for all my medical knowledge.
there are so many details that i don’t have time to write! so i’ll tell you more next week! but here’s the gist of it: rode a motorcycle to the sketchiest hospital ever, got admitted to the hospital (because this is the philippines and outpatient procedures are unheard of), and spent 8 hours chatting in a communal hospital room with my hospital roommates. forgot to mention that the doctor removed the piece of wood, which was the size of….oh i don’t know. the thickness of a pencil and about 1.5 inches long with a local anesthetic while 3 other missionaries watched it happen. BUT DON’T WORRY I’M FINE. it hurts to walk. and i’m gonna have a wicked scar on the front of my calf, but this is the price of a mission. i’m on an antibiotic and doing great. so don’t worry about me!
it was cool to see the DIRECT hand of the Lord throughout the experience. random promptings i had the morning before i left that morning helped me in the day later on.
i’ll send pics next week.
sorry i don’t have much time to write! the lovely missionary, sister mortensen from lehi, who was with me during the whole ordeal still has to email her fam!
this week will be a good one for us missionaries! and this past week was good for the work as well!
i love you all! sorry for the short email!!! this gospel is TRUE.
love, sister brereton

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