i’m fulfilling my purpose! 1/19/15

i spent the morning being cinderella and scrubbing mold off of our toilet with a toothbrush πŸ™‚ so that was delightful!

this week was good! things are so the same, yet so different with my new companion! its good though. she is very clean (a stark contrast between her and my last comp) and so we actually cleaned our apt this morning! my last companion would never let us…meaning she’d schedule our day to include shopping rather than cleaning haha. so now our apt is all clean and sparkly!

here’s what went down this week. and honestly i’m getting into a routine and not making a list of cool things to tell you about (so little time!) and so this email might be short. jokes. i could never really make a short email. it’ll probs still be just as long.
  • awesome: this is the best thing that has happened to me thus far as a missionary! remember me mentioning how i’ve been trying to find joann? a lady who evacuated to the church with her kids during ruby? WE FOUND HER! she’s been on my mind everyday since the typhoon and i just KNOW that i HAVE to teach her. so after asking around about her for WEEKS on tuesday we actually found her! she was so excited to see us. i was just as excited to see her! we taught her the beginning of the restoration, then scheduled a time to come back. so on friday we went back! when we got there she ran off to go and get her friend who has a very “big problem” (she said that in english haha) who she thought our message would help. we were like SWEET THIS IS AWESOME. she brought her friend back, who recently found out she has a tumor on one of her ovaries and is so scared about it. her husband left her when they found out she has a big medical expense. so sad. we taught them about the book of mormon, the healing power of the atonement, lots of random things. it was so cool! and i forgot to mention! Joann was so excited about the invitation to pray during the last lesson that for this lesson she had written down her prayer because she was afraid she would forget what to say! she asked to say the opening prayer. my heart was bursting! my face hurt from smiling after this lesson. it was one of those moments when i thought to myself, “i am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary!” SO COOL. and on sunday, guess who showed up to church! yep! riza (the friend), joann, and her 3 little girls, siren, daisy, and apple (how cute is the name apple for a little filipina baby, right?!)
  • awkward: texting in cebuano. its like trying to decipher reformed egyptian haha. there is so much lingo that i just DONT understand haha.
  • so my new companion! so opposite of my old comp! but she’s good. she goes home end of feb. i just keep killing off these companions! she is from western samoa, was here during yolanda and went home after it because of trauma! but came back! how cool is that? she has been in waray speaking for most of her mission so cebuano is new to her as well! she has bells palsy and half of her face is frozen. anyways. she has a history of texting elders apparently. so i am instructed that i have to have the phone at all times (normally missionaries switch off every other day). so yeah. interesting. she is pretty easy going, can’t make a firm decision. so i decide everything haha. we’re doing good though!
  • my hair is still falling out. not as bad though. i found some other vitamins in our apt and i’ve been taking them. so maybe that’s what’s helping? but i’m still washing my hair only every other day just to play it safe. my hair is WAY thinner than when i first got here 😦 can’t wait until the resurrection and every hair i’ve lost is restored to my head haha!
  • yes, there was another bagyo (storm/typhoon) but it didn’t affect our area, mostly just tacloban (sorry, pope!). it was just way rainy for a few days, but hey that’s normal anyways. i’m getting to be like the locals when we hear about a storm. its like, “oh its only level 2? ok, normal day” haha
  • i realized this week that after this cycle ends i will reach my 6 months mark. when i realized this i was like, “WAIT, WHAT?” because i feel like such a baby in the mission still. pray for me and this language- its still so hard for me to understand people. i can speak ok but understanding is hard! they speak so much slang and the cebuano-j dialect is surprisingly different from the cebuano that i learned in mtc.
  • this week we were punted like crazy. i might have mentioned before, but punted=people not home when we go to visit them. there was one day we only got 1 lesson. it was so hard because then we have no where to go! its easy to say, just go finding! but once you’ve already been finding for hours, its hard! but hey, salvation is not a cheap experience so that is why missionary work is hard!
  • what else happened this week? trying to remember….i’m making friends with the neighborhood kids. every time they see me they say, “AMERICANA!” and then i say, “filipinos!!” its pretty funny actually haha.
  • i know more things happened, but i can’t think of what they were! this is why i make lists usually haha
  • i got more mail from christmas. thanks for the card burgoyne side of fam (thanks colleen!)

i love you all! thanks for your support. the days are starting to fly by for me. how about for you? i still can’t believe i’m here sometimes haha. in the philippines! who knew. i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. its HARD. but its worth it.

love you all!

Sister Brereton

1-preaching to a caribou
2-me and my companion in the midst of chickens!
3-oh hey, i’m a giant
4-a dead pig. he’ll be put on a spit and turned into lechon haha

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