Game Changer! 1/12/15

hello all! i can’t believe that another week has passed. this one went SO FAST.

thanks for all of your love and support, as always. i really appreciate it so much more than i can express in these emails.

thanks to the Hodsen’s and the ward for sending me mail! i finally got mail this week that was from NOVEMBER. haha. thanks!

i usually write a really awesome list of stuff i’m going to write you all about, but this week was such a blur that i didn’t get a chance! i will do my best to remember the significant things that happened. i’m starting a new thing where every week i write awkward/awesome stuff. one thing in each category that happened this week. here we go:

  • awesome: finding knock-off crocs in my size! for like 5 bucks. so if my crocs wear out, i’ve got these puppies.
  • awkward: our 9 y.o. investigator randomly saying to me in PERFECT english, “wait, so you’re not going to be model once you go home?” HAHA. nope, definitely not.
  • big news alert: i think i can call myself a filipina now. because i got cold! i repeat: i got cold! in fact, the last few days have been so rainy that i pulled out my blanket and used in the night. it was so awesome. #officallyacclimated
  • i was really blessed this week. like every week. but this week i ate some pretty sketchy food yet my digestive system was FINE. major blessings. i’m so grateful

ok now for what really went on this week!

  • this week was transfer week!!!! i so did not want to be transferred. i prayed i wouldn’t be and BAM guess who is staying in her area? i’m so blessed. i love this area!
  • my trainer is gone! or as we say in cebuano, nag-uli siya! she left early this morning to tacloban and then gets home on wednesday after its all said and done. once we worked out our differences we became really good friends, and i’m REALLY gonna miss her. i already do. but hopefully she will come to america in the next few years! she is 70% sure she will haha. her sis lives in san diego. anyways. we planned that i would travel with her to tacloban and then wait until transfer day and come back with my new companion! i was so looking forward to this because there is a mcdonalds in tacloban! i’ve been dying for a hamburger. BUT game changer: found out that my new companion is in our zone! so she just traveled to sogod and now she’s here with me! her companion will be training this cycle, so she traveled to tacloban instead!
  • so, my new companion, Sister Gaono (pronounced ngow-no. like now-no, but with the gutteral ng sound). she is from samoa! and will go home at the end of this cycle! she has been in waray-waray speaking areas for most of her mission. she only was in a cebuano area starting last cycle. so we’re not good at the language and we’ll be doing all in our power to qualify for the gift of tongues!
  • i’m leading this area now! which is crazy to think. but i’m not alone #spirit and i know this area! we will be fine! the language is the real barrier.
  • my hair is still falling out like crazy. i only wash my hair every other day because of this and its helping. but i for sure have lost about 1/4 of my hair since the hair loss started. its sad, but i’ve accepted it.
  • i know there is more that happened this week but i can’t think of it!
  • pray for me and this language! its still really hard for me! so different from what they taught us in the mtc.

i love you all! thank you for your support for me! i am sad that we can’t email back and forth anymore, but we have to follow the council of the prophet!!!

i am so grateful to be on a mission! i can’t believe i’m here sometimes. its like, i planned for so long to go on a mission but now that i’m here, its unreal! but it sure is a privilege to serve!

love you,

sister brereton

1- when desert girl sees ocean
2-my cebuano triple combination that got moldy just from sitting on my desk these past few months
3-how my name was spelled for the agenda at our last training meeting haha
4-my and my trainer! i love her

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