things are getting hairy! 1/5/14

and by that i mean that my hair is falling out in chunks. its depressing. i understand why cancer patients just shave their heads. there is something very emotional about watching your hair fall out. BUT don’t worry because relief is on the way (thank you mom!) and i know what to do. apparently its a mineral deficiency. so i’ll address it ASAP.

and that is a depressing way to start an email. sorry.
this week was way good! it was week 11 of my 12 weeks of training. my companion goes home a week from today! its crazy. so yeah, now i’m on week 12 of 12. this time next week i no longer have the excuse of “i’m a trainee” when i don’t know something. which means that i’ve got to master this language, and fast! but i have seen the MIRACLE that is the gift of tongues. its truly incredible. there have been lessons this week where i say things that i KNOW it was not me saying them. and that’s how it is with missionary work- i’m just the messenger/instrument. its not me that converts these people. its not my companion. its the SPIRIT. missionary work is so cool!
here are some highlights of the week/things i want to tell you:
  • i could possibly get transferred. i thought that i would for sure be staying in Sogod after my training is done, BUT because of logistics and stuff i could get transferred. which makes me sad because i FEEL like i need to stay here still. i have work that i need to do still! we just received the list of all of the people who evacuated to the chapel during typhoon ruby, both members and non members. there was one lady, Joann, at the chapel with her 3 little girls. and i feel like i need to teach her! so i am so grateful that we are now in possession of the list so that we can find these non members who humbled themselves enough to admit that their house would not make it through the storm and evacuate to the church! and they were able to feel the spirit there and interact with us missionaries a little. i am so excited to find who the Lord has prepared! so i hope and pray that if it be the Lord’s will i won’t get transferred!
  • shoutout to ryan! a kid played with my calc watch and now everytime i press a button it beeps. its so annoying i can no longer calculate in secret haha. do you know how to turn off the beep? THANKS
  • thing i learned this week: mold is very real. very real. and it loves to grow everywhere. for example: on my suitcases, on our toaster oven, on shoes IN my suitcase, on mattresses, randomly on the wall, etc. i am continually cleaning up mold. i am so excited to come back to utah and live in the DESERT!
  • just curious: what time is it at home right now? i don’t really know the time change. its almost noon here.
  • fun fact: on days that i’m having a rough time, or something lame happens and i’m bummed about it. i give myself “what would mom say” pep talks. i am getting so good at it! it usually goes along the lines of “i know, i know its so hard. but you’re smart, you can do it” “i know, some personalities are just hard to get along with. but how cool is it that heavenly father knew you could deal with that personality and that’s why she’s your companion” “you’re right” haha basically i just validate myself with what i think mom would say haha so far so good. sounds like crazy talk but it hasn’t led to a mental condition yet!
  • the other day a lady came to our apartment asking for money. missionaries are not allowed to give money though so we turned her away. but i didn’t feel bad about it because this is what she said in cebuano of course but translated to english, “hey. i don’t have any money and i want to buy a thing. so could i have some money?” after we said no to her “it doesn’t have to be a lot. there’s just a thing i really want to get” haha she had NO shame. it was so funny.
  • i’ve started a list in my journal called, “mission mini miracles” because there are little miracles that i see everyday! for example: when buying mangoes the mango lady dropped the bag when handing it to me but NONE of the mangoes were ruined/damaged at all! also ants climb all over my study desk but NEVER will touch my scriptures. its so cool
  • if anyone ever doubts that the tower of babel is real, they need to take a trip to the phils. there are SO many languages. SO many dialects
  • fasting as a mission is HARD. but sacrifice brings blessings
  • this week was also hard because our investigators are literally being taken away. i don’t know what’s happening. our most promising investigator randomly moved to cebu to work without warning. our other promising investigator who texted us everyday to tell us how much she loves the book of mormon is avoiding us and won’t talk to us, our recent convert didn’t come to church last week and now he’s gone for the next few weeks for work. i don’t know what is happening! but we are working hard to do our best
  • i think i’m over the culture shock because each week i write less about the culture haha
i’m almost out of time. but thank you for your love and support from 8,000 miles away. i couldn’t do it without you all! thank you mom and dad esp. and thank you for teaching us the gospel from day one! i see that NOT happening here a lot its so sad. so thank you for teaching us the gospel! its like in 2 nephi 4:5 if ye are brought up in the way ye will not depart from it. those who do not teach their children will have it answered on their heads. goodnes gracious i’m grateful for wonderful parents!
till next week
love, j/sis brereton
DSCN3589 DSCN3580 RSCN3576

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